Laura Logan and Truth In Media drop a segment in line, but not a part of their Fedsurrection series, with the Cajun John Wayne Clay Higgins. While the full segment is nearly forty minutes, this short clip really stood out…

In a gripping exchange between Louisiana Republican Congressman Clay Higgins and investigative journalist Laura Logan, grave allegations emerged regarding high-ranking officials within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) allegedly conspiring to frame Trump supporters during the January 6th incident at the Capitol. The conversation sheds light on the potential misuse of power and the erosion of core principles that form the bedrock of what is often referred to as American democracy, or more accurately, a Constitutional Republic.

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During the discussion, Congressman Higgins passionately expressed his strong determination to ensure that those responsible for framing Trump supporters are held accountable for their actions. He categorically states that these individuals, sitting in positions of authority and trust, cannot be allowed to proceed unscathed, trampling upon the nation’s rich history and fundamental values. Drawing a line in the sand, he resolves to prevent any evasion of justice.

However, investigative journalist Laura Logan delivers a sobering reality check, stating that these powerful figures have thus far managed to avoid facing consequences for their alleged actions. She highlights the widespread efforts to delegitimize voices like Higgins’ by branding them as extreme far-right conspiracy theorists. Logan raises concerns about the deliberate suppression of dissenting viewpoints, painting a worrisome picture of stifled free speech and an environment where only certain narratives are allowed to prevail.

Congressman Higgins firmly denies the attempts to distort his image, rejecting the characterization of him as a far-right fanatic. He asserts that he is simply an average American citizen, deeply concerned about the principles that underpin the nation’s democratic fabric.

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This exchange serves as a call to action, not only for Congressman Higgins but for all Americans who strive to uphold the principles of justice, transparency, and accountability within our nation’s institutions. The robust dialogue between Higgins and Logan reveals the growing realization that powerful forces are attempting to silence dissenting voices and shape public opinion according to their own agenda.

Critics may attempt to dismiss these concerns as mere conspiracies, but it is essential to engage in an open and honest examination of  what is really going on in our country. The allegations made by Higgins demand a thorough investigation and, if corroborated, appropriate action to be taken against those responsible.

As the nation moves forward, it is crucial to remember that every American deserves to have their voice heard, regardless of political affiliation. Protecting the right to dissent ensures a healthy and robust society, allowing for vibrant debate and the possibility of genuine progress.

Congressman Higgins’ unwavering resolve and his determination to hold accountable those who abuse their power reflects the sentiment of many Americans who value the principles that have guided the nation for centuries. The conversation between Higgins and Logan serves as a reminder that vigilance, integrity, and the pursuit of truth are integral to sustaining the foundations upon which the United States was built.

You can see the full segment below. Watch:

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