In a shocking display of support for Hamas, a group of terrorist sympathizers demanding a ceasefire that would benefit the Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists seized control of the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building on Monday morning.

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This incident eerily echoes a similar event that took place on the House side of Capitol Hill in mid-October, where demonstrators took over the Cannon House Office Building rotunda, resulting in multiple arrests and charges of assault on Capitol police officers.

The pro-Palestinian protestors conveniently ignore the fact that Hamas terrorists are using innocent Gazans as human shields while parroting inaccurate death tolls provided by the Hamas terrorist-run government in the Gaza Strip. Banners claiming “AID TO ISRAEL = BOMBING PALESTINIANS” were unfurled, blatantly rejecting the reality that Hamas prefers to use civilian areas such as hospitals, schools, and mosques as hideouts for their weapons and command centers.

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Adding insult to injury, these agitators seem to disregard the fact that Hamas initiated the conflict by violating the first cessation in fighting, leading to the release of Israeli hostages. Instead of choosing peace, Hamas opted for further attacks on innocent Israelis, prioritizing the massacre of Jews rather than laying down their arms and ending the conflict.

During the demonstration, protestors engaged in disruptive behavior, with some climbing statues and shouting demands before being apprehended by Capitol Police. Others staged a symbolic “die-in” by lying on the ground, surrounded by piles of what they referred to as “blood money.”

This incident serves as a reminder of the escalating violence fueled by Hamas sympathizers. It is imperative for the authorities to take decisive action to prevent such disruptions and to protect the sanctity of our nation’s legislative buildings.

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