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MTG Swatted On Christmas, But It Gets Even Worse A Few Days Later

The radical Left doesn’t just want to beat their political adversaries and opponents; they want them, their families, and supporters killed at the hands of the police.

Original article below:

On Christmas Day, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) revealed that she had once again fallen victim to a dangerous swatting incident. The incident took place in Rome, Georgia, where local authorities confirmed a 911 dispatch call was made to her residence, falsely claiming a potential suicide and homicide situation.

Fortunately, law enforcement acted swiftly and efficiently, managing to determine the call was a hoax before any harm could be inflicted. A spokesperson for the police department explained that coordination with Greene’s security detail confirmed there was no emergency, subsequently canceling their response.

Expressing her frustration and concern, Greene shared her experience online, stating, “I was just swatted. This is like the 8th time. On Christmas with my family here. My local police are the GREATEST and shouldn’t have to deal with this.” These repeated swatting incidents have included false reports of fatalities and shootings outside her residence.

Disturbingly, Greene also disclosed receiving threatening messages not only directed at her but also at former President Donald Trump. In one menacing message received on December 21, an individual allegedly wrote, “Fight me, big mouth. I’ll f—ing smash your brains out on a curb. Have a nice time looking over your shoulder s—bag,” alongside claims of recruitment by the FBI.

Greene reported the threats to the Capitol Police, but to her disappointment, the individual responsible remains at large. Frustrated by the response, she shared an email she received from Capitol Police, highlighting their lack of action in arresting the individual. Greene voiced her disbelief at the situation and expressed gratitude for being a gun owner in light of the potential threat.

Furthermore, Greene noted a contrast in how the Capitol Police dealt with her case compared to their response to the January 6th protests. This raises concerns about the handling of such incidents, especially considering the gravity of the threats made not only towards a member of Congress but also towards a former President and leading Republican candidate.


As of now, the police have not commented on the threats against Greene or their response to the matter. This incident sheds light on the growing problem of swatting, a dangerous practice that can put individuals at risk and divert law enforcement resources away from legitimate emergencies.

It is important that authorities address these threats seriously and swiftly apprehend those responsible for the safety and peace of mind of public figures like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Instances of swatting and menacing threats should not be taken lightly, as they undermine the security and functioning of our democratic institutions.

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