A Ukrainian local councillor detonated multiple grenades during a village meeting, resulting in at least 26 individuals sustaining injuries. The incident took place in the village of Keretsky, located in western Ukraine. Details emerged when video footage captured the councillor entering the meeting room, where he proceeded to remove grenades from his jacket and throw them onto the floor. The ensuing explosions filled the room with smoke, leaving the attendees injured and traumatized.

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The motive behind this appalling attack remains unclear, as the village of Keretsky is situated away from the active conflict zones between Ukraine and Russia. Authorities are currently investigating the incident and have not yet determined the reasons behind the councillor’s actions.

According to Ukrainian police, six individuals are currently hospitalized in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. The remaining injured individuals are receiving medical treatment for their wounds.

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The Ukrainian authorities have expressed their deep concern over this act of violence and have vowed to bring the perpetrator to justice swiftly. They are working diligently to uncover any potential connections between the councillor and any extremist or separatist organizations.

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