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TIMING: NIC 2022 Foreign Election Interference Report Omits $42 Billion Ukraine/FTX/SBF Election Interference

The Moonshine analysis into Ukraine is as broad and deep as you’ll find about anywhere. The focus on Ukraine as a massive central node to multitudes of global criminality including money laundering operations goes back to even before 2018. Once the FTX/Sam Bankman-Fried matters broke, they were immediately enveloped into that body of analysis: The Keystone of Corruption [1].

Required reading to comprehend the true architecture of Ukraine as a proxy nation being used by corrupt and criminal global leaders including many from the U.S. and specifically Joe Biden, then Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, is contained in the second article in the series, which former White House Advisor Garrett Ziegler describes as, “my favorite piece of yours,” and he reads everything published at Moonshine: The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine, the FTX Scandal, PrivatBank, the National Bank of Ukraine and Ihor Kolomoyskyi [2].

The architecture of Ukraine is critical to understand and it distills down to fundamental pieces.

For one, from the shadowy backdrop oligarchs run the world and this is especially so where billionaire Ihor Kolomoyskyi installed TV actor Volodymyr Zelensky as Ukraine’s president.

This was subsequent to U.S. Intelligence Community [Obama, Biden, Clinton, Kerry and Nuland] regime change operations in the nation beginning in 2014 and sold to the world as the ‘Euromaidan Revolution.’

Once installed and serving as a U.S. proxy working under U.S. orders in much the same way that Joe Biden works for Beijing, Zelensky nationalized PrivatBank, which was the nation’s first and only banking institution engaged in crypto.


Once NGOs are dragged in as necessary conduits and interfaces, the nationalization of PrivatBank put it under direct control by Zelensky’s government ergo the control of the U.S.

This is critical for the Ukraine/FTX/SBF crypto-based money laundering operation that sent $42 billion of Ukrainian aid laundered through NGOs and converted into crypto to be sent back to the U.S. in the form of campaign contributions to the same people voting to authorize that aid.

Overlay that fact set with the analysis.

From the Kolomoyski piece, “Clear evidence now indicates that a manipulated, doughboy, nerd who is clearly on the spectrum for autism, Asperger’s or something similar, has ripped off countless innocent and perhaps not so innocent people to fund America’s destruction with a money laundering operation threading through one of two epicenters [4] of Joe Biden’s corruption – Ukraine – and right into the pockets of Democrats and traitors. And it appears to all be made possible, at least in-part, by someone few people know about: Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi.”

In mid-November 2022 and with more clarity of the SBF/FTX developments, I began asking [5] the right questions: “Bankman-Fried funded an overthrow of the U.S. threading through the epicenter of enterprise fraud and money laundering that I identified 5 years ago. The people who executed that overthrow are his beneficiaries. What are the chances anything comes of this?”

At the same time, it was also clear why the MSM refused [6] to adequately cover SBF/FTX, “In short, FTX ties to a manufactured proxy war in Ukraine and the longtime preceding money laundering operations I identified and evidenced drawing back to 2018; not to mention that FTX was leveraged to steal the 2022 midterms. That in and of itself explains why the mainstream media propaganda machine won’t give it appropriate coverage – everybody goes to prison.”

By the end of November 2022, the analysis [7] identified how the FBI had preemptively cast its net over the Ukraine/SBF/FTX with a new focus on international money laundering crimes; and where that new focus aligned with the 2016 election and concerns of an incoming Trump Administration uncovering these matters.

Therefore, it became clear that the Intelligence Community and its functionary agencies and departments were pre-positioned to engage in broader cover-up operations that would necessitate enveloping FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried.

This is the “unavoidable circumstances” dynamic that I cite so often and which requires maneuvering and counter-maneuvering by parties where those circumstances are problematic.

The late November 2022 piece put it like this respective to FTX and the nature of any prosecution of SBF where the evidence indicated, “the commencement of a cover-up and clean-up operation based upon the evidenced projection that “they” were losing control and oversight of the FBI and DOJ relative to Trump’s 2016 win and whereby exposure for the worst crimes in American history was imminent.”

The operational lawfare became obvious once DOJ arrested SBF with highly suspicious timing to intercede [8] on SBF’s scheduled House testimony.

By mid-December 2022, the operational lawfare would also include a projected DOJ deescalation of SBF’s criminality as is customary in cover-up operations that entail pleading to or being prosecuted for lesser crimes, misdemeanors and process crimes, where the analysis included, how the criminal prosecution will deescalate SBF’s criminality into incompetence in a cover-up that will only lead to convictions for lesser crimes.”


By Summer 2023, DOJ had already dropped [10] 5 of 13 charges against SBF and the operational cover-up was on exactly as projected.

Overlay this aggregate fact set with two new developments.

For one, on 23 Dec 22, NIC issued [11] its declassified ICA 2022-27259-A [U] Foreign Threats to the 2022 US Elections.

The IC/NIC report [ICA] on foreign election interference in the 2022 midterm elections should put Ukraine/SBF/FTX directly in the crosshairs.

The ICA; however, is a narrative generator adhering to existing narrative to further sow disinfo/misinfo/malinfo to the general public and it does this by continuing to aggravate matters with Russia while deflecting away from China and dismissing Iran.

That analysis is contained here: REPORT: NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE COUNCIL: Foreign Threats to the 2022 US Elections [12].

The takeaway is obvious: The NIC ICA omits $42 billion in crypto money laundering operations resulting in direct election interference during the 2022 midterms that involved Ukraine, FTX/SBF, Joe Biden, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell and a long list of other mostly Democrats and some Republicans.

Moreover, a compromised FBI doing the bidding of the IC/CIA and its proxies in the Executive and DOJ, was prepositioned beginning in 2016 to facilitate operational cover-up up to the present and moving foward.

Overlay that problematic fact set with this coinciding development: Prosecutors say they will not pursue second Sam Bankman-Fried trial [13].

CNBC reports that, “Prosecutors have decided not to pursue a second trial against disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried. In a note to Judge Lewis Kaplan on Friday, the U.S. government explained that the decision to forego a second set of proceedings had to do with the fact that much of the evidence [14] that would have been presented in a second trial had already been submitted to the Court [15] during Bankman-Fried’s first criminal trial.”

In summary, the mountain of analysis on Ukraine drawing back before 2018 and honing-in on global money laundering operations involving a wide swath of the nation’s most important politicians, lawmakers and officials was on exactly point; especially the exclusive analysis into energy [16] as the preferred currency and conduit to move money.

That work immediately enveloped FTX/SBF and the aggregate analysis making precise projections delineating exactly how these ongoing IC/CIA cover-up operations were going to unpack and specifically the strategy of DOJ mitigating SBF’s criminality to deescalate it into “mistakes,” “errors,” “bad judgement,” or anything that isn’t reflective of SBF’s actual and egregious crimes.

With the 2024 election as one timeline bookend, the timing of the IC/NIC ICA on foreign election interference overlaid with the continued deescalation of SBF’s FTX criminality is just too exact to dismiss it or consider it as being anything other than operationally convenient or necessary.

Any report or assessment on foreign election interference in the 2022 midterms that does not include FTX/SBF, Joe Biden, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell and a long list of other mostly Democrats and some Republicans isn’t worth the paper on which it’s written.

The analysis told us a year ago how the SBF/FTX matter was going to go and be covered-up and it’s going exactly that way and right on time.