Ukrainian President Zelensky expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of Western weapons being donated to his country. Zelensky acknowledged the impact of limited foreign supplies on the failure of the so-called Spring Offensive but insisted that he had a plan to overcome Ukraine’s supply problems. He claimed that the lack of arms from limited foreign supply impacted the effectiveness of the Spring Offensive.

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Zelensky also said that Ukraine was “losing people,” and this was mainly due to the nation’s failure to obtain all the weapons it wanted from the West.

“We are not backing down, and I am satisfied with that. We are fighting against the second-largest army in the world, and I am proud of that. However, we are losing lives, and that deeply saddens me. We did not get the weapons we needed, and I can’t be happy about that either, but I can’t complain about it” – Zelensky

In a separate report published by Metro UK, Zelensky admitted the counter-offensive against Russia failed. He acknowledged that there were not enough weapons in Ukraine, and this greatly contributed to the failure of the Spring Offensive.

“We wanted faster results. From that perspective, unfortunately, we did not achieve the desired results. And this is a fact. There is not enough power to achieve the desired results faster… We can see the consequences of global society switching [its attention] because of the tragedy in the Middle East, only the blind could not recognize this…We must not allow people to forget about the war here. Attention equals help.” – Zelensky

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Further, in a statement reported by, Zelensky reiterated his concerns about the war and the ongoing loss of life, warning that an aggressor could strike EU and NATO member states if Ukraine fell. He also emphasized that it was vital for Western countries to support Ukraine to prevent further aggression from Russia.

“If resilience fails due to lack of aid, it will mean Russia will most likely invade NATO countries and then the American children will fight.” – Zelensky

These reports suggest that Zelensky is concerned about Ukraine’s military capabilities and the lack of Western support in their conflict against Russia. The President repeated his appeal to the West to supply Ukraine with weapons and financial aid to increase domestic production.

…and he also appears his wife is having some issues with him even being president of Ukraine…

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