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Brass Knuckled Suspect Attacking Amtrak Conductor Gets Fatally Shot By Police [VIDEOS]

On Christmas Day, an incident unfolded on an Amtrak train in Mt. Shasta, ultimately resulting in a civilian fatality. The Mt. Shasta Police Department has recently released the bodycam footage of the officer-involved shooting, shedding light on the events that transpired.

Officer Jeremiah Capurro found himself caught in an altercation with Nicholas Detweiler, which escalated to shots being fired by Capurro. Regrettably, Detweiler was fatally wounded in the incident. In the chaos, an assisting crew member was inadvertently struck by gunfire as well.

In accordance with standard protocol, the police department has initiated a thorough investigation into the matter. Once concluded, the findings will be submitted to the DOJ’s Special Prosecutions Section within the Criminal Law Division for an independent review. This step ensures an impartial assessment of the incident.


It is important to note that Officer Capurro also suffered injuries during the altercation, including a moderate concussion due to blunt force trauma and facial injuries. Capurro received prompt medical attention at a local hospital and has been in the process of recuperation.

As more details surface from the investigation and the bodycam footage becomes available to the public, it is crucial that we approach this incident with a commitment to truth and fairness. The conservative community stands united in our support for law enforcement officers as they navigate the challenges of maintaining public safety, even in the face of difficult and unfortunate circumstances.

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