In a shocking on-air incident on Thursday night, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer nearly vomited while discussing the Supreme Court case against former President Donald Trump with House Oversight Committee Ranking Member James Raskin. As the segment unfolded, Blitzer appeared to struggle with pain and discomfort before attempting to hold back vomit. The unsettling moment lasted for almost a minute before CNN abruptly cut to a one-box shot of Raskin and then hastily went to a commercial break, leaving viewers wondering what had just happened.

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Upon returning after a lengthy six-minute commercial break, CNN’s chief legal affairs correspondent Paula Reid announced that Blitzer had to “step away” but would be back. It was later revealed that Blitzer was “not feeling 100%” during the anchoring of the show.

Despite the network’s vague statement, Blitzer took to Twitter to assure his followers that he was alright and would be back on his show soon.

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Meanwhile, America’s highest court, the Supreme Court, heard oral arguments on Thursday regarding the eligibility of former President Donald Trump to run for Colorado’s primary ballot under Sec. 3 of the 14th Amendment. This landmark case has far-reaching implications for the American people, as it deals with the very essence of the democratic process and the constitutional rights of all citizens.

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As fierce defenders of law and order, we must stand together to defend our constitutional values and hold the mainstream Mockingbird media accountable for their biased narratives. The American people have the right to know the truth about the Supreme Court case, and we will not be intimidated by censorship and propaganda.

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