Two nights ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin sat down with Tucker Carlson and essentially read the Moonshine archives aloud. Without exaggeration, Putin’s remarks recapitulated around seven years of deep analysis with the last 4 years being intensively granular and laser accurate.

What Putin shared as new to everyone could be read from the Moonshine archives before Tucker even thought about buying his plane ticket.

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What it means is that folks should be paying attention to the totality of circumstances that I have long analyzed and reported on; especially where they trend towards the escalating march to war because those circumstances aren’t authentic, organic or concomitant, but rather designed, planned and executed.

INTERSECTION and PRECIPICE: The Seminal Carlson-Putin Interview

In an early January 2023 article covering the Penn Biden Center classified documents criminality, I wrote that, “Quite frankly, if the American people could simply come to realize, accept and reconcile that essentially everything that is derived from our own federal government is fraudulent or a product of enterprise fraud, uniting the country and getting it back would be virtually instantaneous.”

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That article is substantial and it weaves of a tapestry of comprehension made from strands where it is imperative to understand each strand itself and how each meshes with all others and within that, utilitarian value [the designed benefit from how something is applied and used] is highly informative: Biden, Penn Biden Center, classified documents retention, FISA/FISC, COVID-19, mRNA injections, censorship, China, Chinese nationals, Intelligence Community, money laundering, enterprise fraud, Ukraine, impeachment, Burisma, CEFC China Energy Co., Uranium One, Russia, Harvard University, Charles Lieber, Obama, Trump, Congress, DOJ, FBI, illegal surveillance/spying, FTX/SBF, SVB, war, cover-up and more.

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The Biden Penn Center developments marked a crucial moment for the Intelligence Community and on our longer geopolitical timeline: the Intelligence Community’s marshaling of Joe Biden’s exit from the geopolitical stage and his removal from the 2024 ballot.

Forward from that article, I went on to write a small sub-series on the Biden classified documents scandal in the context of an IC operation[s] to remove him that also parallels the IC operations to remove Trump.

I examine the plausible outcomes for Mr. Trump that include scenarios where he manages to find himself both on the ballot and into the Executive, but not for long:

Unavoidable Circumstances Shape Avoidable Reality | Trump & Intel Community

In late January 2023, I opened an article with this,

First come the tanks, then come the nukes. Sound familiar? Does that sound like an extension of the analysis and projections for a Russia-China multiple-front war scenario drawing back to March 2021 that rests on a deep foundation of further analysis into Ukraine [Russia] and China [Taiwan, South China Sea]; that just happens to overlay two critical ongoing matters: 1-China and Ukraine represent the two epicenters of Joe Biden’s corruption, crime and treason at the same time 2-China and Ukraine represent the context of multiple tranches of classified documents illegally retained by then Vice President Biden to underpin the constructed removal [12345] of Biden from the Executive by the intelligence community.

Political Moonshine on 28 Jan 23

The analysis examined and evidenced how IC revelations of Biden’s illegal retention of classified documents and the subsequent appointment of special counsel to handle it, amounted to components of IC operations.

Those IC operations designed to remove Biden will also function to compartmentalize and flush all of Biden’s policies, which functioned as the designed and executed internal destruction and controlled demolition of the US [Cloward-Piven]; and which actually occurred on orders from Barack Obama in what amounts to arguably his fourth term.

A critical part of the Cloward-Piven architecture for this destruction is illegal immigration and the fatal fifth column it delivers.

All of this permits the 2024 ballot reset with both Trump and Biden removed and the population distracted by a full slate of new candidates and ravenously chewing on that giant piece of IC propaganda fat.

The foundation for Trump’s removal is contained in a small volume of work and this sheds light on it in review as overlaid by new developments then, back in March 2023.

By the time summer 2023 rolled around, it was obvious what was happening:

Since then, it’s been a steady development of the same analysis producing consistent findings.

Therein is the important position that Biden’s progressively worsening mental faculties, dementia, etc. will be the wrapping paper for the package the IC is flushing; the package of Biden’s compartmentalized culpability for the literal destruction of the country.

Once flushed, the IC will rebrand all of the same directives and objectives with neat new names and shiny new decorations.

Those incapable of independent and critical thinking and without even a modicum of common sense will love it; eat it up; drink it up; and regurgitate it up with exceedingly intolerable levels of virtue.

Those folks are easy to identify:

Voting is an illusion just like freedom, liberty and the two-party system.

Things will remain that way until the American people wise-up and rise-up to avoid becoming the slaves the IC has destined us to be.

Just ask the Intelligence Community – it’s their show.

Returning to the projection made over a year ago on the Biden flush and how the IC will flush it via special counsel, a cover-up, and no charges, consider this published a year later during the same election year cited:

On 08 Feb 24, NBC News reported,

Special counsel Robert Hur has declined to prosecute President Joe Biden for his handling of classified documents but said in a report released Thursday that Biden’s practices “present serious risks to national security” and added that part of the reason he wouldn’t charge Biden was that the president could portray himself as an “elderly man with a poor memory” who would be sympathetic to a jury.

“Our investigation uncovered evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen,” the report said, but added that the evidence “does not establish Mr. Biden’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The report from Hur — who previously appointed by former President Donald Trump as one of the country’s top federal prosecutors — also made clear the “material distinctions” between a theoretical case against Biden and the pending case against Trump for his handling of classified documents, noting the “serious aggravating facts” in Trump’s case.

NBC News

Of course the IC threw-in another piece of fat for Americans to ignorantly chew-on in drawing a distinction between a real criminal and the one the Intelligence Community created by leveraging the type of illegal lawfare prized by Marxists and Nazis.

The same Marxists and the same Nazis that Vlad and I have been hollering about for so long.

The analysis here is routinely in front of the “news” and other independent media sources and normally by a margin of years as is the case here again; and where a sampling of more can be had here: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: World War III Projections, Confirmations and Developments.

The number of folks reading this analysis should move by decimal places but it won’t and I should come to accept that although the internal honey badger won’t permit it.

If we intend to reestablish the America with which the Founding Fathers endowed us, we must reconcile the truth and it is the truth that continues to be attacked, stifled, censored and eliminated.

When you know the playbook, making accurate projections is a common sense exercise overlaid by an excruciating amount of research, analysis and findings.

At the end of the day; however, it’s still an exercise in common sense.

Over a year ago, I used that common sense to tell you exactly how and when Biden would be removed and here we are today with that projection on track as laser accurate like an enormous stack of others.

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New Developments

For those caring to go deeper, new developments inform our broader analysis:

  1. Propaganda Wars Begin: Illegal Immigration Will Boost US GDP By $7 Trillion: “One month ago we asked a simple question: at a time when the Biden admin is breathlessly taking credit for a quote-unquote “strong” job market, how is it not the biggest political talking point right now that since October 2019, native-born US workers have lost 1.4 million jobs; while over the same period foreign-born workers have gained 3 million jobs.”*Analysis: Welcome to the technocratic global plantation delivered in-part by Cloward-Piven which encompasses massive volumes of illegal immigration. We’re being replaced and made subservient to both the power architecture and to Third World illegal immigrants protected by a Marxist DOJ leveling two-tiered justices. Don’t defend yourselves against the crimes of these people; of which they are rampant, or it is you who shall be prosecuted and incarcerated. That’s how Marxism works.
  2. Critics Blast UN For Ignoring Longstanding Ties Between UNRWA And Hamas: “That the United Nations fired a dozen employees of its Palestine relief agency for involvement in Hamas’s gruesome Oct. 7, 2023, massacre seems underwhelming to scholars and policy experts on the issue...“They’re waking up to this fact, but also, my understanding is they were faced with undeniable proof. We already had proof, proof that existed prior to Oct. 7.” The agency—the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, or UNRWA—has long been accused of having extensive involvement with Hamas, which has ruled the Gaza Strip since 2007. The U.S. government has classified Hamas as a terrorist organization since 1997.“*Analysis: This is the US-sponsored international terrorism the analysis identifies and specifically in the Middle East and as it envelops Syria, where we currently have US troops, it stands as a longtime Russian ally and where Syria is the projected kinetic flashpoint for a WWIII that will unpack with a designed US loss in three theaters: RSA/UKR, CHN/TWN/SoCHNSea and ME/SYR/IRN/IRQ.
  3. Chinese Engineer Allegedly Stole Trade Secret Technology For Detecting Nuclear Missile Launches: DOJ: “A Chinese-born researcher has been arrested for allegedly stealing trade secret technologies developed for the U.S. government to detect nuclear missile launches and to track ballistic and hypersonic missilesaccording to the Department of Justice (DOJ).”*Analysis: This is obviously problematic for several reasons rooted in both enhanced Chinese capabilities offensively and defensively; including vectors for understanding how to evade US detection systems in the event a thermonuclear exchange unfolds. In this context, the 33 million documents in Obama’s Chicago archive, the Clinton private email server in her private residence and Biden’s evidenced brokering of classified documents all bear down relative to top secret and classified information on US SAPs and other sensitive military, defense, technological and other applications.

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Collapsing The System From Within: Understanding the Cloward-Piven Strategy [VIDEOS]

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