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Nude Dude Gets Smoked When He Charges California Cop With A Knife [VIDEOS]

In a disturbing turn of events, a 19-year-old man named Emmanuel Perez met his end in a mobile home park in California after he was fatally shot by authorities. According to KTVU [1] reports, Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety officers were compelled to respond to a distress call on March 16 from Plaza Del Rey mobile home park, where a man was spotted brandishing a knife.

It was later revealed that Perez himself had placed the call to the authorities, as per the local news outlet. Sunnyvale DPS Chief Phan Ngo addressed the media, clarifying that it was during the call that the dispatcher realized the caller was the very subject of concern.

The unfolding of the incident was captured in the 911 recording and officer bodycam footage that were subsequently made public. Perez, known to have a history of mental health challenges, was unfortunately unresponsive to the dispatcher’s pleas to surrender the weapon.

The bodycam footage depicted Perez in a distressing state, naked from the waist down and clutching the knife as he roamed the mobile home park. Despite repeated warnings from the officers to drop the knife, Perez allegedly advanced towards them in a menacing manner.

Faced with a perilous situation, one of the officers discharged their firearm, resulting in Perez being struck twice in the torso and meeting his untimely demise, reported KTVU.

Full press conference with all the bodycams. Watch:

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