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WAR: By Design and at All Costs

ANALYSIS: New developments keep World War III analysis on straight rails. For the Intelligence Community, it’s war by design and at all costs.

December 2020 marked perhaps the most significant and eerie time of American politics in US history. That stage was set by one year of a fake “pandemic” that was deployed by the Intelligence Community to deliver the stolen 2020 election. It all unpacked against the backdrop of manufactured ‘systemic racism’ extended through the production of the George Floyd riots, which I accurately projected by about three weeks.

New developments keep our World War III analysis on straight rails and in order to understand the importance of them, we consider our incremental march to war against the backdrop of ‘conspiracy theory’ as truth and the important distinctions between “news” and analysis.

President Trump dedicated four years to fighting the Intelligence Community and its overarching apparatus, which envelops all of the US politburo, Congress, DOJ, FBI, CIA, DOD, etc., to achieve two foreign policy directives imperative to national security and defense: 1-normalizing diplomatic relations with Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin and 2-bringing China and Xi Jinping to heel by placing China on a short diplomatic leash.

In December 2020, my analysis identified an immediately problematic foreign policy shift from the incoming Biden Administration: CRITICAL: The Pending Pivot Back to Russia [1].

That analysis was introduced by this [emphasis added]:

There is an ongoing pivot back to Russia and it’s pending on the finality of the Biden steal. As 80 million Americans find themselves imprisoned by draconian measures delivered by the CCP’s weaponized pandemic, they are also trying to sort-out the granular aspects of a patently stolen election. Meanwhile, there is a fundamental shift that is occurring and is likely going unnoticed. The implications of it all are profound.

Political Moonshine on 19 Dec 20

That analysis concluded with this [emphasis added]:

he Deep State leviathan sold us all out to China and the CCP for their partnership in assuming full and final control of this once proud constitutional republic. They drove that effort with a false Russia narrative devised to deflect everything away from China and it’s purchase of an illegitimately installed puppet in Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi calibrated her irregular impeachment of President Trump to veil COVID-19 as it was ushered-in and saddled between Christmas and New Years. It then was leveraged to steal the election. We were placed on a war footing with China long ago and at the latest when they released a bio-WMD against this nation back in October.

Now, pending the finality of the Biden win, that war footing is being pivoted back to Russia and it sounds like Congress cares to leverage it further in suppressing the great awakening while further driving the great reset. The pivot back to Russia is here and it’s not going anywhere.

It’s all on the line America. Time to stand-up and fight like Americans.

Political Moonshine on 19 Dec 20

Key words in the projection include 1-fundamental, 2-unnoticed and 3-profound.

Between 19 Dec 20 and today, the granular, sourced and cited analysis expanded to 170 articles including today’s piece: Series – WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE [2].

Why is that important?

For this reason: By fundamental design [boiling the frogs alive], the march to a thermonuclear World War III has been a slow-walk of incremental implementation and the analysis evidences this march step-by-step.

It’s one thing to establish the position and another to evidence it; especially when attempting to sway public opinion on important matters that others aren’t discussing in the same ways.

People are more likely to jump from A to Z if they understand what transpired in B to Y; especially if Z happens to be highly ‘conspiratorial’ – more on that momentarily.

The incoming Biden Administration’s pending shift back to Russia to resume decades of encroachment on Russian national sovereignty with NATO at the tip of its spear came to fruition as projected and made for a horrifying reality that stands to get worse as calibrated to the 2024 election timeline.

Hindsight confirms the 19 Dec 20 projection detailing the incoming Biden Administration’s foreign policy shift away from the Trump Administration’s hyper-focus on China/CCP back to our favorite ‘boogeyman’ Russia:

  1. It was fundamental
  2. It went unnoticed
  3. It was profound

That much was made clear when Putin responded to further NATO encroachment in Ukraine in February 2022; and where the former USSR satellite nation was fully brought into the IC’s fold following its coup d’etat branded the ‘Euromaidan Revolution’; those efforts beginning around 2014 [Obama, Biden, Clinton, Kerry and Nuland.]

Putin’s response was fundamental, it got noticed and it was profound.

Relative to our incremental march to war and for the new developments that follow, it’s important to continue drawing distinctions between “news” and analysis, like the aggregate work here, which is solely anchored by evidence examined through the eyes of a trained investigator; not a “reporter” writing a story.

This results in consistent findings over time and whereas the MSM, “news” and others are required to shift their reporting to accommodate the most important aspects of US geopolitics, which normally occurs once they finally identify and reconcile the truth.

This causes time gaps between their reporting and the analysis here that span months to years.

This distinct difference between “news” and analysis is important to review for two reasons:

One is that it explains the continuous heavy censorship, ghost banning and shadow banning of the aggregate analysis, findings, projections and confirmations over time.

The other is that during this time, the public has warmed-up and come to entertain and even reconcile to some degree what it used to hold as ‘conspiracy theory.’

The Intelligence Community devised the brand of ‘conspiracy theory’ [3] to redress off-reservation individuals following its assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963.

The application and use of ‘conspiracy theory’ has been consistent ever since.

Speak the truth?

No problem, you’re a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ says the IC.

The aggregate analysis here assigns attribution for the entire U.S. geopolitical landscape to the Intelligence Community [here’s an alternative way to understand this through video: AMERIKAN CLOWN SHOW [4]] with aid from hostile foreign adversaries like China, Syria, Iran, etc.

Before and throughout Obama’s two terms and fueled by the 9/11 narrative that crumbled over time because the laws of physics also apply in lower Manhattan where the IC brought down three modern concrete, steel and glass structures in broad daylight because “terrorists” and “box cutters,” the people; some of whom were already questioning JFK, began to sip from the cup of ‘conspiracy theory.’

Over time, ‘conspiracy theory’ has become a more widely accepted mechanism to veil the truth.

Following four excruciating years bearing witness to the IC’s ongoing and multi-vectored operational attack undermining the Trump Administration; and where it resulted in the installation of a Chinese proxy in Joe Biden that equated to Obama’s third term and now his fourth [he’ll get his fifth and sixth once they steal 2024 to install Michelle], the needle on ‘conspiracy theory’ has moved considerably to the extent that ‘Deep State’ is now common vernacular in the American dialect.


  1. Palpable Panic: Intelligence Community Tailors Narrative to Remove Trump for 2024 [5]
  2. DYNASTIC BUSH: Momentum for Michelle and A Fifth Term for Barack [6]
  3. Cultural Marxism and The Timeline of Transgenderism [7]

Despite the architecture, plans and actions of the Intelligence Community to defraud and enslave the American people, the laws of nature dictate that no matter what the IC does, for its every action, there will be an equal and opposite reaction once the people appropriately identify it.

The identifiers are many and one is the two-party system.

The fallacy of the two-party system is used by the Intelligence Community, which owns and controls both sides of the same corrupt US politburo coin, as a herding mechanism with parallel service to moving the American political center line as far left towards Marxist communism as it can.

Therefore, the Democratic Party tactically functions to drive its political bookend as far left as possible.

The Republican Party [RINOs] reciprocates in service to capitulate to the Democrats and by doing so, it drags its bookend and its constituents to the left with each capitulation.

Think of an inchworm with a Democratic end and a Republican end.

When the two-party inchworm crawls, the Democratic end starts left and the Republican end follows.

With each movement, the center line of that inchworm is reset to the left.

Over time, this architecture has forced American society into cultural and political change that is streaking towards outright Marxist communism.

For example, if JFK were a candidate for 2024, the former Democrat would be branded and viciously attacked by the establishment as an “extremist” and far right wing danger to “democracy” and our “Constitution.”

There is no two-party system except as a construct to whip the American people into desired geopolitical positions; sometimes leveraging conservatives and Republicans and other times liberals and Democrats, like now.

It is the action.

Reconciling ‘conspiracy theory’ as the veil for the truth became the opposite and equal reaction.

The farther the Intelligence Community has driven a mostly blind population down this political continuum of lies, deceit, theft, murder and enslavement, the higher the veil has been lifted.

More people now see the truth.

Moreover, more people now see how the truth has been veiled by the application of ‘conspiracy theory,’ censorship, suppression of free speech, the entrapment of protestors exercising First Amendment rights [Capitol “insurrection” operation], etc.; and where it serves to reinforce and compound the effects of action/opposite and equal reaction.

The current anecdotal evidence surrounding this like polling numbers and Mr. Trump’s historically unprecedented and dominating return to center stage are rather clear.

This brings us to the crux of the matter.

The aggregate Moonshine war analysis said on 06 May 2020 that the US was embroiled in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with its chief political, economic and military adversary: China.

The analysis held that this designed war is in complete alignment with China’s hegemonic and military doctrines; especially its preferred and primary doctrinal warfare vector: biowarfare.

The analysis goes on to identify three primary war theaters for a thermonuclear World War III; with the latter having been a pot simmering on the back burner until more recently and where the analysis mostly focused on the the two former: 1-RSA/UKR, 2-CHN/TWN/SoCHNSea, and 3-ME/SYR/IRN/IRQ/others.

In terms of back end consequences, in March 2022, I identified another profound Biden Administration policy shift pertaining to national defense, security and sovereignty: ALARMING: WHITE HOUSE’S ABRUPT REVERSAL OF POSITIONS – Every American Should Read and Come to Understand the White House’s Disingenuous and Newly Fabricated Position on the Multiple-Front War Precisely Predicted Long Ago [8].

The analysis projects a designed loss in a thermonuclear war breaking out in the first two projected war fronts identified above.

The designed loss derives from a Biden national security advisor reversing a Pentagon position resting on exhaustive war game exercises to say that the US, which previously could not defeat China in the theater of Taiwan in any conceivable war scenario, could now effectively fight in two theaters against two adversaries: China and Russia.

In other words, I identified the architecture for the handover of the US to Globalists and communists through the mechanism of global war.

Now, ask yourself if you believe that the IC and its functionaries like Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin might be determined to have a designed war at all costs?

The answer is contained in the aggregate analysis that is absurdly long and detailed, but most importantly, its solely anchored by evidence, which is why the projections get confirmed over time.

That analysis evidenced a clear foreign policy shift that directly resulted in a designed and incremental march to a projected thermonuclear World War III.

The analysis also directly ties the Bidens and much of the US politburo to the criminality of enterprise fraud and worse in one of the three war theaters Ukraine [Russia] and where Joe Biden’s [and others’] criminality and treason drag-in China.

Behind all of the enterprise fraud is US taxpayer dollars being allocated to Ukraine under fraudulent and constructed pretexts where significant portions of those funds are laundered; some being converted to crypto [FTX/SBF], and returned to the parties authorizing their allocation: Series – The Keystone of Corruption [9].

The Intelligence Community controls the landscape like it controls the US politburo, the federal apparatus, Senate-confirmed appointees, agency and department heads and the un-elected permanent bureaucracy.

When its designed thermonuclear World War III encounters opposite and equal reactions that unravel the underpinning establishment narrative and serve to derail those war plans, it becomes WAR AT ALL COSTS [10] for the Intelligence Community.

War at all costs permits the nuclear Sword of Damocles to dangle over our heads by a single horse hair, in perpetuity and in ways to seethe the Intelligence Community’s enslaving control by fear, terror and chaos: The Nuclear Sword of Damocles Dangles by a Single Strand of Horse Hair [11].

This war is designed and we have incrementally marched to it causing projection to become reality in new developments further indicating that it will be war at all costs: Pentagon Chief: If Ukraine Is Defeated, NATO Will Be At War With Russia [12].

From the Zero Hedge piece,

This is the single most important, dangerous and highly revealing statement from a top defense official in the West in a long time… It also demonstrates the precarious urgency of the moment and the huge stakes going into the November US election. The world truly stands on the precipice of a nuclear nightmare with the following fresh assertion of Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who said before Congress on Thursday:

“If Ukraine falls, I really believe that NATO will be in a fight with Russia,” Austin stated [13].

What’s more is that this came the very day that Russian President Vladimir Putin warned things could easily spiral [14] toward nuclear war in the scenario that NATO sends troops to Ukraine.

Here’s the difference between news and analysis.

The news reported this yesterday.

The analysis here projected this years ago and backed it up with an entire catalog of evidence and findings.

Those pages evidence our march and it’s our march the people must come to understand and redress.

For posterity’s sake and in understanding the journey thus far, the only pathway to survival entails marching at 180-degrees from the designed status quo.

The American people have a reckoning coming their way.

As they go, so goes the world.