On April 14, 2024, in the Beacon Meadows Park area, deputies from the HCSO encountered a suspect who had been previously trespassed from the park on the preceding day.

The deputies requested the suspect to leave, and despite more than 20 minutes of attempted de-escalation, the suspect declined to comply with their commands, repeatedly placing his hand in and out of his coat’s pockets.

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During the encounter, deputies inquired multiple times if the suspect was armed, to which he responded in the negative. Subsequently, the deputies resorted to deploying their tasers. However, while the suspect was on the ground, he managed to fire his weapon three times, striking one of the deputies.

The injured deputy was swiftly transported to the hospital but, fortunately, did not sustain critical injuries. Sheriff Chad Chronister expressed, “Today’s situation could have ended in tragedy. Thankfully, our deputy narrowly escaped serious injury despite the careless actions of this suspect. Not only was the deputy’s life endangered today, but the lives of those around him were also at risk.”

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Upon the suspect’s arrest, deputies discovered both a firearm and a knife concealed within his coat.

Anthony Carpenter faces a series of grave charges, including Attempted First-Degree Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer with a Firearm (x3), Resisting an Officer with Violence, and Armed Trespass.

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“I am furious that someone would endanger the lives of our deputies, especially at a park on a Sunday morning where families gather and children play,” Sheriff Chad Chronister emphasized. “I am immensely proud of the swift and brave response of our deputies in handling this dangerous situation.”

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