In a recent development, Winnebago County District Attorney Eric Sparr has made the decision not to press charges against a North Fond du Lac police officer involved in a fatal shooting. The incident occurred when Sgt. Bryce LaLuzerne attempted to apprehend Lawrence Drennan during a routine traffic stop on February 2nd.

According to the body camera footage, LaLuzerne pulled over Drennan for not having his tail lights on and suspected him of driving under the influence. Upon requesting Drennan to exit his vehicle, the suspect made the reckless decision to evade arrest and drove off, initiating a high-speed pursuit that eventually reached Interstate 41.

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During the chase, Drennan dialed 911 and made alarming threats, stating, “if they stop me, I will shoot them all to death” and “get ready to fire to kill, because I’m going to fire to kill.” These remarks were specifically directed at Sgt. LaLuzerne, increasing the concern for officer safety.

Eventually, a tire deflation device was deployed, forcing Drennan’s vehicle to stop. However, in a tense confrontation, Drennan refused to comply with LaLuzerne’s commands and kept his right hand concealed behind his back. He persistently repeated the threatening statements, indicating that officers would be left with no choice but to shoot him. As Drennan advanced towards the officer, LaLuzerne discharged his weapon twice, striking Drennan once.

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The autopsy results revealed that Drennan had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .198, more than twice the legal limit for driving. This finding, combined with the suspect’s erratic behavior and explicit threats, played a significant role in District Attorney Sparr’s decision not to file charges against Sgt. LaLuzerne.

The ruling by Sparr emphasizes the importance of officer safety in such dangerous encounters. It reinforces the notion that law enforcement officers have the right to defend themselves and others when faced with imminent threats. The decision not to pursue charges against Sgt. LaLuzerne serves as a reminder of the challenging circumstances faced by police officers daily and showcases the necessity of upholding the law to protect the community at large.

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It is crucial to note that this ruling was reached following a thorough investigation of the incident, which included a review of the body camera footage and other relevant evidence. As the legal process concludes, the North Fond du Lac Police Department will continue to prioritize public safety while ensuring the well-being of its officers.

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