Marty Small Sr, the Democrat mayor of Atlantic City, and his wife, La’Quetta Small, the superintendent of the Atlantic City Public School System, have been charged with allegedly abusing their 16-year-old daughter. This disturbing revelation comes just days after the mayor publicly denied claims of beating his daughter to the extent that she suffered a miscarriage.

According to the allegations, Mayor Marty Small Sr is accused of using a broom to knock his daughter unconscious and even threatened to “earth slam” her down the stairs. The gravity of the situation is heightened by the fact that La’Quetta Small is also implicated in the alleged abuse.

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Notably, prior to these charges being brought against them, Mayor Marty Small Sr held a press conference where he paraded his daughter, vehemently denying the accusations of physical violence and refuting claims about her pregnancy, allegedly involving a “drug dealer.”

This disturbing case has sparked outrage and raises serious questions about the well-being and safety of the mayor’s own daughter, as well as the moral standing of the individuals entrusted with positions of authority and responsibility in the Atlantic City community.

Image Credit: New Jersey 101.5

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Local residents are calling for a thorough investigation into these serious allegations, emphasizing the need for justice to be served and for the protection of vulnerable young individuals who may be exposed to abuse within their own families.

As this developing story unfolds, concerned citizens await further updates regarding the legal proceedings and the fate of both Marty Small Sr and La’Quetta Small in the wake of these deeply troubling allegations.

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Also of note in Atlantic City, as it relates to this case, a NJ high school principal recently was charged for failing to report child abuse.

The Atlantic County Democratic Committee recently awarded her:

What is with Democrats and their neverending quest to harm children… abortion, genital mutilation with the trans agenda, etc.

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