A Lakewood woman claims she was the victim of a terrifying Peeping Tom and took matters into her own hands to protect herself. The alleged incident occurred in a department store dressing room that accommodates both men and women. Michelle Chandler, a mother of five, was changing clothes when she noticed a hand and a cell phone underneath the partition.

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“As I went to take these pants off,” Chandler explained, pointing to the jeans she was wearing, “I bent down, looked over, and I saw men’s shoes, socks, and his phone pointing right at me.”

Not willing to take any chances that the suspect would get away before security and police could arrive, Chandler sprang into action and pinned the young man to the floor. Her cell phone video and pictures show her holding the suspect down, along with store associates, and later using her knee to keep him in place. Chandler said the man was restrained with a belt.

“You need to be held accountable,” she said.

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The Lakewood Police Department confirmed its response. “Sadly, this is legit,” a police spokesperson told FOX31.

A spokesperson for the mall declined to comment, referring all inquiries to the department store’s corporate office.

Chandler’s experience has raised concerns about safety and privacy in dressing rooms and public spaces, particularly those that accommodate both men and women. She is hopeful that her actions will serve as a warning to potential perpetrators that they will be held accountable for their actions.

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