Shocking videos released by the Columbus Division of Police have revealed a harrowing exchange of gunfire that resulted in the death of an Amazon security guard and left one officer injured.

On Sunday at approximately 6 p.m., Columbus police pursued 22-year-old Ali Hamsa Yusuf’s vehicle after a shooting incident occurred at a local Amazon warehouse. Officers managed to surround Yusuf’s car at the intersection of Georgesville and Clime Road, but the ensuing dashcam footage captured the alarming moment when Yusuf exited the vehicle and immediately began firing at the officers behind him.

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The sound of gunfire echoed alongside the groans of a male officer who had been struck by a bullet. Despite the dangerous situation, the injured officer, along with another colleague, bravely disembarked from their vehicle to return fire. The officer’s body camera footage displayed the shattering of the driver-side window caused by one of the bullets.

Yusuf, relentless in his assault on the officers, sprinted uphill toward a HomeBuys parking lot while continuing to shoot at those pursuing him. The officers returned fire, leading to Yusuf’s eventual collapse on the hill. The entire exchange of gunfire, starting from Yusuf’s initial shot, lasted a mere eight seconds.

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Following the shootout, the injured officer was made aware that he, too, had been shot. “I’m hit,” he can be heard saying on the body camera footage. “104, I’m hit by a bullet.” Despite these distressing words, and after multiple officers checked on his condition, he insisted he was “good.” They observed no visible signs of bleeding, but out of precaution, they urged him to seek medical attention.

Subsequently, the injured officer was transported to Grant Medical Center in stable condition and was later discharged. Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant acknowledged that the officer’s bulletproof vest effectively prevented the gunshot from inflicting a more severe injury.

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Yusuf, however, succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at 6:57 p.m. following his transfer to Doctors West Hospital.

This tragic shootout with the police was initiated by an earlier incident of gunfire at Amazon’s CMH5 distribution center located west of Columbus. Yusuf, employed as a security guard through an external contractor, had arrived at the facility at approximately 4:45 p.m., armed with a gun. Local officers from West Jefferson responded to the incident, as more than 100 employees were present within the warehouse premises. Although Yusuf fired a single shot, causing minor property damage, fortunately, no individuals were harmed during this initial altercation.

Witness testimonies varied concerning the number of shots fired within the facility. One distraught 911 caller reported hearing gunshots inside the building, accompanied by the sound of a woman screaming. Shortly after, people began evacuating the premises. Another 911 caller, identifying themselves as an Amazon employee, described Yusuf as their “trainee” and disclosed that Yusuf had fired two shots in their direction, both of which missed their mark.

This grim incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by law enforcement officers on a daily basis while also underscoring the importance of maintaining a safe working environment. As investigations into the incident continue, authorities work to piece together a comprehensive understanding of the events that transpired on that fateful day.

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