ABC News host George Stephanopoulos made headlines on Tuesday after his interview on “The View,” where he spoke about his latest book and the controversial term “deep state.” During the interview, Stephanopoulos explained that he interviewed around 100 duty officers from the White House for his book, “The Situation Room: The Inside Story of Presidents in Crisis.” According to him, the deep state is “packed with patriots” who come from different branches of the government, such as the CIA, DIA, Defense Department, and military.

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This statement comes after presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the deep state, a term he uses to describe un-elected bureaucrats working against his agenda. Stephanopoulos clarified that the people he interviewed are “there to serve the presidency and the institution,” not necessarily the president. He strongly emphasized that the deep state consists of people who are “on the frontlines of the most intense crises the country faces” and are “there to serve their country.”

The ABC host also gave his thoughts on the current state of the 2024 presidential race. He believes it is close, but former president Trump is leading President Biden in some crucial battleground states, largely due to Biden’s lack of support from younger and Black voters. Stephanopoulos continues to raise concerns over the stakes of the 2024 election, warning that it is not a normal campaign and that the peaceful transfer of power is the most fundamental tenet of American democracy.

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Stephanopoulos opened an episode of his Sunday show “This Week” last month, warning the American public about the precarious situation surrounding the election. He urged citizens, media, and candidates to not treat this as a normal campaign, as bedrock tenets of democracy are currently being tested in ways not seen since the Civil War and that this election year would be a test for all Americans.

In summary, Stephanopoulos has spoken out in support of the deep state and addressed the state of the 2024 presidential race, warning that the stakes are high and that the democratic process is being put to the test.

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