Denver, Colorado—In a bold move to challenge the progressive policies of the Colorado city, the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office from Wyoming has launched a recruitment campaign targeting disenchanted law enforcement officers in Denver, showcasing the appeal of working in a law enforcement-friendly environment.

The message displayed on a billboard in downtown Denver, funded by Sheriff Brian Kozak, boldly proclaims, “Work in Wyoming where breaking the law is still illegal & cops are funded!”. Sheriff Kozak, in an interview with Fox News Digital, explained that the initiative was a strategic response to what they see as liberal viewpoints influencing law enforcement practices in certain areas.

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The timing of the billboard placement during National Police Week was intentional. Sheriff Kozak highlighted the success of their digital media campaign, which focused on areas where officers might be feeling frustrated due to what they perceive as restrictive policies.

Moreover, the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office called attention to the reported decision by the City of Denver to divert funds away from the police department towards immigrant shelters, potentially hindering law enforcement’s ability to enforce traffic laws effectively.

The recruitment drive has already garnered significant interest, with the Sheriff’s Office reporting an influx of job applications following the billboard’s installation. The positive response from law enforcement personnel hired from Denver in the past reaffirms the effectiveness of the campaign strategy.

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Refuting claims of ‘defunding the police,’ Denver’s Mayor Johnston’s office clarified that the budget adjustments were carefully planned to have no adverse effects on public safety services, citing ongoing investments in police recruitment to bolster the force.

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While the campaign has generated diverse reactions, with some supportive comments on the Sheriff’s Office’s post, Sheriff Kozak remains steadfast in his commitment to providing law enforcement officers with an environment conducive to effective policing while expressing gratitude for the community’s backing.

As Wyoming extends a welcoming hand to law enforcement professionals in Denver, the controversy stirred by the billboard reminds us of the ideological divisions present in law enforcement jurisdiction debates.

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