Stew Peters Show

Toddlers Force-Masked For Money, Feds Spying on Patriots, Saving Georgia, DEFEATING Tyranny!

The Stew Peters Show (July 20, 2021)

DeAnna Lorraine exposes the American Pediatric Association, targeting your kids with face diapers and needles. Why? They’re funded by PFIZER!

Alex Jones joins Stew to talk immigration, spying, wire-tapping, jabs, masks, and the entire globalist plan to crush freedom for the last time.

Dr. Kandiss Taylor is an America First Patriot, and is now being attacked by deep state publications disguised as ‘Conservative News’. Taylor is vowing to BAN MASKS AND EXPERIMENTAL SHOTS if elected as Georgia’s governor.

Kevin J. Johnston is Canada’s most censored man, hosts the country’s top podcast, and has been jailed OVER TWENTY TIMES since announcing his candidacy for Calgary mayor.

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