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VAXX Vials Contain Graphene Oxide, Parasites, Stainless Steel – Audit BOMB – Afghanistan FAIL

The Stew Peters Show (August 30, 2021)

The Afhanistan Crisis is NOT an accident, according to Retired Navy Chief Petty Officer and U.S. Congressional Candidate, Jarome Bell. Bell Joins Stew to expose the purposeful plan to massacre U.S. troops to continue funding Democrats and their communist policies.

BREAKING! The contents of the vials from all four pharmaceutical companies that have developed CoV-19 injections have been examined by Dr. Robert Young, and the findings are HORRIFIC! Not only did Dr. Young confirm graphene oxide in the shots, but also revealed lethal and deadly parasites, stainless steel and other various metals and obscure ingredients.

Seth Keshel is a former U.S. Army captain, Military Intelligence. Keshel has been dropping audit and election fraud bombshells all over the place, and joins Stew Peters to discuss what mechanism may be in place to rectify the country should the fraud be proven.

Canadians are protesting peacefully at Prime Minister Trudeau’s speaking events, and they’re being wrangled by the communist gestapo and ARRESTED for thought crimes. Stew has the video and talks with Canadian Patriot Chris Sky about the state of Canada.

What happens to your retirement investment if you’re fired from your career job for refusing to comply with unconstitutional ‘vaccine’ mandates? Financial expert, Carlos Cortez, joins Stew Peters to discuss.