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WOW! Airline Pilot Goes Public as United Airlines Goes Full Commie, Terminating ‘Unvaxxed’

Joshua Yoder is an American Airlines pilot, who publicly condemned United Airlines and the Air Line Pilots Association as 68,000 employees are going to be forced to take the jab or be out of a job.

Yoder applauded the position of American Airlines leadership, highlighting the welcoming work environment, humane treatment of employees at American.

Stew Peters is personally begging listeners to take action, and the time to act is now. Peters said, "It's past time our voices be heard".

The emails that Stew promised to provide are:

United Airlines CEO: [email protected]
Puke Todd Insler: [email protected]

Doug Parker (American Airlines CEO, doing the right thing): [email protected]
American Airlines Union: [email protected]

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Debbie VanderWeyden
8 months ago

What is the update on this group and Josh Yoder’s impact? As a general aviation pilot and a mom of a United Airline pilot, friend to a Republic Airline & Southwest pilot, friend to a Delta & United airline flight attendant, ex wife of two airline pilots (yep!!) I am concerned, worried, and invested in stepping up to add my support in safeguarding our pilots and all airline employees health. As a functional medicine health coach partnering with nurses to educate the public on how to prevent and treat early the virus to stay safe and out of the hospital, I too hear the horrific adverse event stories from real people who are suffering and losing loved ones unnecessarily. What is happening behind the curtain of limited and all too often false and slandering headline news is appalling. My FAA and airline calls and letters go out today. Thank you for sharing this information and being on the right side of the real truth.

2 months ago

Has Peters disavowed that Ardis twat yet? Or are they both still discredited?