Stew Peters Show

Analyst Issues Chilling Vaxx WARNING, Trump Infiltrated by Commies, Biden Uses UN For Gun Grab

Today's Stew Peters Show guests include:

Former Pfizer Employee and BioTech analyst, Karen Kingston - Kingston issues a CHILLING WARNING about the "vaccine", saying she doesn't know how children will be able to stay alive.

Edward Szall reveals Biden's gun-grab could be assisted by the UN or other outside military forces.

Dr. Jane Ruby answers listener questions about shedding and side effects.

Milo Yiannopolous is being targeted by the left, who have a new hobby: celebrating the death of Conservative Christians

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23 days ago

She is promulgating Germ Theory…Interview Dr Andrew Kaufman, please!
This whole thing is total fraud! Your body naturally detoxes every year, it’s not some scary MU “virus”!

Last edited 23 days ago by Tim
22 days ago
Reply to  Tim

Are you referring to Dr. Jane Ruby and the answer she provided to this question (at 39:40)?

‘If the virus has never been isolated and therefore there is no virus in the jab how can there be a reaction when confronted with the live wild virus? How can there be a wild virus?’

Unusually, she did not make sense -to me-in the answer -from what I have learned to be true so far-and also said “There IS something out there”.

How does she “know” there is a virus w/out evidence of one and w/out being able to obtain that same evidence repeatedly in different people deemed to have the same “it”?

The all cause mortality numbers of 2020 were never pandemic numbers-compared to previous years- and this is including fraudulently re-classifying “cases” (not the same as sick people) and deaths as covid.

Dr. Ruby is greatly helping us with the truth in so many areas like the the injections but promoting the idea that we have a health concern (unrelated to the injections). That keeps us stuck.

The predators in this plandemic to control all of humanity don’t care what we say about the “cures” (for a contagion that does not exist) or their barbaric plans (passports, camps forced shots..) as long as the fear of a mysterious, unidentified “it” and its “variants” is kept alive as they work around the clock to impose new restrictions.

Keeping the IDEA and CLAIMS of a contagion/infection/”virus”/ “asymptomatic” spreaders etc. going is the main thing and Ruby is unintentionally helping them, in this single instance.

I hope if Dr. Ruby can discuss this part of this “maze of insanity” with Kaufman and others like Thomas Cowan and Stefan Lanka.

Another helpful article:

“Beginning and End of the Corona Crisis”