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Dr. Zelenko EXCLUSIVE – Mayo Surgeon EXPOSED – TSA Targets Patriots and MORE!

Stew exposes a radical (seemingly homicidal) Mayo Clinic surgeon that wishes to kill "unvaccinated" patients by putting them to the "back of the line".

Stew talks with a fired pediatrician who refused the jab, and that doctor has a message for EVERYONE!

Dr. Zev Zelenko LIVE in EXCLUSIVE interview says the real treatments are a weapon against the genocide globalists are trying to unleash.

Ivan Raiklin, former Green Beret Commander and outspoken election fraud analyst, was targeted by TSA as the weaponized enforcement arms of the regime attack Patriots.

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Tyrone Montgomery
21 days ago

stew, my understanding is that dr zelenko is trump’s personal physician. or one of his personal physicians. at least that is how he’s been introduced before (i believe on the highwire). will you please ask him, the next time you interview him, why patient trump loves and pushes the death jab so much? it seems odd (to me anyway) that trump would get the jab, love the jab, and push the jab, when his personal physician is so obviously against it. how could trump not know what his own doctor thinks about it? like i’ve said before, trump is either mentally retarded or he is on board with the depopulation agenda. and i don’t think he’s retarded. which means he’s ok with killing and maiming millions (maybe billions) of human beings.