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Joe Rogan Freaks Out The Covid Cult After Getting Over The Kung Flu With Ivermectin and More…

Joe Rogan shook the covid cult to the core with a video message he released today stating he kicked Covid's ass in three days with: Monoclonal Antibodies, Ivermectin, Z-Pack, Prednisone, NAD Drip, and a Vitamin Drip.

The wokesters won't be happy with this one!

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Tyrone Montgomery
4 months ago


Tyrone Montgomery
4 months ago

i got sick a couple of weeks ago too. run down, headache, sinus inflammation, fever. there is a summer cold floating around. doctors say it is a run of the mill cold that was relatively dormant during the lockdowns but is now freely circulating. lasted a couple days and i was fine after rest and relaxation. people really need to stop getting tested. of course they’re going to say it’s covid. everything is covid now.

4 months ago

Me too. I had the tiredness and went to bed. Woke in middle of the night soaked in sweat. Next day, better. Today, all better. No meds if any kind. Since there are no viruses that exists outside our bodies and cannot be transmitted, it is called natural detoxification. All kinds of truths are being revealed!

Tyrone Montgomery
4 months ago

it may very well have just been some sort of detox. i took no meds and was perfectly fine a few days after it began. i actually think joe rogan looks like hell because he “immediately threw the kitchen sink at it…” the ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies probably did him much more damage than good. why do people believe so strongly in the religion of pharmacopoeia? strange.