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Mayo Clinic DIRECTLY Tied to World Economic Forum, Dominion Voting Systems!

You can't make it up! The CEO at Mayo Clinic is also a "Governor" at the World Economic Forum, chaired by Klaus Schwab, the man directly responsible for leading "The Great Reset".

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1 month ago

That way they can put the nazi doctors in charge

kevin dean finnestad
1 month ago

Hi Stew,

I have a top physician at Mayo Clinic / Rochester MN as an acquaintance. My wife and I have had suspicions about him and his wife but nothing can be proven. We could be wrong, but I at least want to provide his name and title at Mayo to you. Suspicions range from “adoption” to potentially evil practices he “could” be involved in or at least know others at Mayo who could be involved with evil corruption. Given what you have reported on makes me want to contact you to see what we can do. Obviously I can’t mention names or instances here. Could you email me or have some one do so please? We have nothing but suspicion at this point. This is a serious inquiry. We appreciate your time AND your shows especially!!! Thank you for honest and courageous journalism! Hope tp talk soon. God bless!