PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings “Vaccine is Full of Sh*t”

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9 months ago

In French Polynesia police arrest a doctor. His crime? Treating with ivermectin, zinc, azythromycine so patients don’t go to the hospital. The poison shots are only “justified$$$” if the treatments “don’t exist” so lets make them disappear in jail!!!

Floriant Philippot is the head of a very small political party and he has organized marches for the population to get the treatments and to stop covidism unscientific tyranny.

9 months ago

Floriant Philippot is the twitter account reporting this information. The name of the arrested doctor is JP Théron. There is a button under the tweet’s text “translate”.

Jeff E Manning
9 months ago

Doctors in Southern Illinois are told NOT TO REPORT ADVERSE VACCINE EFFECTS and to use the excuse that it takes over 4 hours to report 1 single case. SIH and all Southern Illinois hospitals are mandating vaccinations or be fired and/or possible legal cases filed against them. This shit is evil

Kerri-lyn Singh
9 months ago

These governments are murdering people with a gene trial therapy vaccine, omg who the hell do they think they are.

Tammy Welsh
9 months ago

If all medical Professionals walk out and exposed this to the people they still can safe the ones not vaccinated,ones who were lucky enough to get the saline vaccine and exposé it but first get all the evidence together quickly. The people will rise up against the government over genocide and this is what it is. The medical professionals will have a job to return to but people need to know.
I am so very proud 👏 for her coming out with this knowledge and exposing it. I also dig into the government officials and see who has been vaccinated and not and with what type of vaccine saline or real.
This is a promising in humanity that she stepped up to do right by everyone.

NicholasSand Sand
9 months ago