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“The New Ovens” – Dr. Jane Ruby Describes Hospitals, Ventilators KILLING Americans

The "Money for Murder" scheme continues as unvaccinated Americans are loaded up with Remdesivir and forced into ventilators.

Dr. Jane Ruby describes hospitals as the "new ovens", making a parallel to Nazi Germany's treatment of healthy people.

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jo po
11 months ago

Stew… I love your show and most of your interviews and your no BS attitude. You still seem to be on the fence however by interviewing anyone who still “Believes” Sars Cov 2 exists. Once you understand it doesn’t then everything else falls apart. You need to interview 2 of the up most authorities on this subject…Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Thomas Cowan (author of “the Contagion Myth”) as well as famous independent journalist Jon Rappoport whos been reporting on this “Never been ISOLATED Nor PURIFIED” topic. This whole thing is a CON JOB and No One has died from anything they don’t normally die from. Just look at FLU deaths in 2020….there were NONE….Hmmmmmmm then look at OVERALL DEATHS to see NOTHING CHANGED from any other years…Hmmmmm Pandemic? Nah Smoke and Mirrors!!!! Keep up the good work hope to see you get interviews with these experts.