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BUSTED: Chief Medical Officer Admits Vaccine Passports Not About Health, Incentive To Increase Vaccinations [VIDEO]

In a Zoom meeting, Dr. Patty Daly, Chief Medical Officer for Vancouver Coastal Health, acknowledged that vaccine passports are not about health but about creating an incentive to get a higher vaccination rate.

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1 year ago

OF COURSE..this is China’s Grading System to TR A CK ea person in Districts for Political reasons, to control incentives and locations, to measure water, food, gas, RF signaling, electric or solar usage, mass transit usage, bathroom habits and where the bear sh its in the wood and to monitor any income for taxation and every penny they can reap rewards from with the least energy. China has been given access to our DNA and sold our SS #’s and our land in exchange for their trinkets…then and only then you will receive annoying signaling messages to get another booster when your blood gets too low for your free visit to the corner va x station..OR gassing station where they keep the liquefaction machines closely engineered city’s water system for disposal when you’ve been used up…Just like the ad renal ch rome victims are graded…OH don’t forget the EMPLOYEES / will be graded in the same way..Bet your a s s that’s what it’s for..