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COVID Vaccine Injury: Champion Professional Mountain Bike Racer Sidelined – Dr. John Campbell

Pericarditis after vaccination, possible inadvertent intravenous administration.

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Dr. John Campbell:

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Also, a lot of people have been asking about my supplements and Ivermectin. Here are some good studies on the benefits.

Ivermectin -

Star Anise / Flavonoids -

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Gina Cool
1 year ago

Ok I’m getting Real sick and tired of people, in white coats acting like they know about healthy human bodies. I promise you, this guy knows ten times more, has been through ten times more, about exercise physiology, his own body and anatomy, than any one of these clipboard weilding clowns. He sleeps with s Garmin. His resting heart rate is the first thing, these guys see when they wake up, and the last thing when they go to sleep. They couldn’t even come close . Look at him and listen to him and learn.

1 year ago

The vax is genocide and planned. Natural immunity is your best defense against in life, mine has worked for over 65 years. Shut your damn TV off, they have been lying for decades. Tens of thousands have died from the shot, millions more will die. Telling others to take this shot is nuts. The reported deaths and injuries are only 1% of what is really happening.

Gina Cool
1 year ago

What about bct training? With the right bands?

Last edited 1 year ago by Gina Cool
Gina Cool
1 year ago

I mean blood flow restriction training. Curious if that would help.

1 year ago

Dmso for joints and other inflammations

Last edited 1 year ago by Janeta
david Hallsworth
1 year ago

“doctor” John Campbell is not a Medical Doctor, Just saying..

1 year ago

Marilyn Campbell Terry last Fri had to go to hospital with a terrible flush and his heart racing. I still couldn’t talk to him about it. He got real mad _ made me feel stupid. I am so scared for him.

Last edited 1 year ago by Yonargi