COVIDLAND: The Lockdown (Full Movie)

The latest release from Infowars is finally here! ‘COVIDLAND’ is a riveting and fast-paced movie made by award-winning filmmaker Paul Wittenberger and narrated by Alex Jones that’s designed to break people out of their trance, see the big picture, and take our world back!

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Michael Kelly Walker
1 year ago
1 year ago

Nice !! Wish the video had a progress bar.

1 year ago
Reply to  YLK

there is

Jenna Jostar
1 year ago
Reply to  YLK

In full screen there is one. Just tap and look at the bottom. ( on phone anyways)

diana brown
1 year ago

I can hear it – I can see nothing.

1 year ago

Hello robert Zimmerman here just wanted know how can google chrome cast this documentary on to my tv

1 year ago
Reply to  Robert

You can if you post your SS number, DOB & current address here first

1 year ago


Mary A Reeves
1 year ago

When will the next video come out?

1 year ago

This may be of interest ….
My friend sent me this link which is very interesting by Dr Richard Fleming, who has many degrees behind him. How the Vax is Breaking Down the Body?
It has just been discovered that the “JAB” (vaccine) affects your DNA. Human Chromosomes affected out of 23 these are Numbers 8, 15 & 20
Does the Premier of Queensland’s father own or is a major share holder in a DNA storage bank in China?  Does he know this company will or could be worthless as the VAXX changes DNA?
QCs, Barristers and Solicitors will have a great time if their client has had the “JAB” as their DNA has been changed. No conviction (wrong DNA) if it was previously taken.
Any person with DNA on file and is going to court, their DNA will also be changed by the JAB may result in no conviction.
DNA now worthless after all this science that has gone into finding our DNA trail is caput.
QCs, Barristers and Solicitors can say to the court that there is no science behind this DNA testing NO.        
“It is still emerging science”
Will Premier now stop the JAB as her father’s business may lose millions by his daughters’ action for the health of the state of Queensland?
Can anyone put a spin on this?
Don’t believe me? Watch www. Dr Richard Fleming ………….he will inform you or ask your own Doctor to advise what he has said and written is correct. Who cares if he is not “the Government”. The Government is mandating vaccinations and they should know of the side affects and deaths these vaccines are causing.
Read and Watch this and get it out there straight away DNA is worth nothing and all the cost that went into DNA science.
All DNA around the world will change. If a prisoner had the JAB he would be or could ask for a revised DNA test as it has changed and see what the court do with this. They could argue the DNA must have been a mistake in the DNA testing laboratory. Shock waves to the law society.
If a prisoner that had the JAB and convicted by DNA they would be asking to be tested again arguing it is not their DNA, got it wrong you have the wrong person. 
This will be the same for any deceased person if they had the JAB who had DNA on file or even to trace to family member.
Before Parliament starts have them running for cover and to see what lies they will come up with.
They will have some excuse I suspect.
Have DNA expert talk about it or ring the Dr Richard Fleming in USA.
Dose the Premier know she could be sending her father’s business broke if this information is correct?
Won’t be able to find missing persons as their DNA has changed by the JAB.
Can you imagine what the consequences are if unreliable DNA? All that work over the years figuring where we came from now what is the future.
What will your DNA look like after 3, 4 – 5 Jab’s as that is what they want to give you.
Please check it out this is only my interpretation?
What would be the ramification if this is correct?
He also mentions Proposed Treatments watch FLEMINGMETHOD.COM there is quite a few videos and very interesting comments.

1 year ago

Believe it or don’t. It’s the aliens that have caused this. They’re here and always have been. They have threatened another full human extinction if world leaders don’t stop planetary pollution and destruction. So the world leaders chose this as their way to do it.
Ask yourself, what other reason could they have into scaring people into not leaving their home.
Pollution dropped by a huge amount and now all gvts are going to impose carbon tax. Human population is being made infertile.
Only recently, USA have admitted to aliens. The final country to release evidence.
Like I said, believe it or don’t. It makes no difference to what the near future holds.
Want to turn this around? Start planting trees. Stop pollution. Start caring for all life, not just your own or those of your family and friends.
Will doing this work? Time will tell. The aliens care more about this planet and the life on it, more than they care about the self destructive human race.

yashvi parmar
9 months ago

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