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Military Doctor SUSPENDED For Writing Exemptions, Ivermectin Scripts

Dr. Samuel Sigoloff has been issuing medical exemptions from the shots being FALSELY referred to as "vaccines" for the soldiers in his care. The military has now BANNED and SUSPENDED Dr. Sigoloff, who joined Stew Peters to tell the eye-popping storyline of events.

Dr. Zelenko COVID Killer:

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8 months ago

Of course, they are forcing the clot shot on the military, teachers, doctors, and more. How else would they replace society in key pieces of societal infrastructure with Ai and Robots like the Hanson Sophia and Grace bots? The ultra-wealthy are doing the Great Reset and you are humans who can “contract illness” whereas iron metal robots can not. They are also wanting to combine that AI Iron tech with you, for the rebody’ing of human kind 2.0 and they are talking about it. This is damnable.

Read the Book of Daniel and Revelation in the Bible and everything that Jesus said and it all makes chilling sense. 4th Industrial Revolution Beast King Cometh!

It is a copycat plan of Jesus making his new soon-to-be glorified creation per Gal 6:15, Cor 12, and Rev 12:5 .

Clearly, Jesus is superior in all things.

Matt Wolf
4 months ago

I am the one of the soldiers Major S. wrote that memo for!
He shouldn’t be persecuted for HELPING soldiers.
I was forced out of the military because I would not be vaccinated!