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NBA Star Andrew Bogut Joins Stew Peters From Behind Enemy Lines In Australia

Time now for a special segment, as we go all the way to the other side of the planet.

Andrew Bogut is a retired NBA star. He won a title with the Golden State Warriors. Now, he’s back in his home country of Australia, which, as you know, has become one of the most tyrannical in the world in enforcing coronavirus restrictions. Under coronavirus restrictions, Australia has basically banned most citizens from leaving the country. During lockdowns, many citizens are also banned from crossing state lines. In South Australia, the government has forced people to download phone apps and send in pictures proving that they are at locations they claim to be; if they don’t send the pictures quickly, enough police are sent after them. In some states, there are strict curfews against being outside at night. In Melbourne, it’s illegal to protest lockdown, and when people protested anyway, hundreds were arrested.

Australia isn’t a free country anymore. It’s medical tyranny.

Well, Bogut just went massively viral in his home country and around the world for an eleven-minute Instagram video he did attack his country’s Covid dictatorship. So far, that video has been viewed more than 520,000 times on Instagram, plus who knows how many other times on other websites. Bogut said what is obvious to everyone except the deranged neurotics who seem to hold power in every Western country. He says that if lockdowns had happened while he was growing up, his family could not have survived. His father was a manual laborer and couldn’t have paid his mortgage if he had been banned from working. And he called out the celebrities and athletes of Australia for not speaking out against the government’s policies. He says there is a government effort paying off celebrities to endorse their policies.

Bogut is a heroic man. He knows that all the powers in the world will line up to silence him and wreck his career prospects going forward, but for him, telling the truth was more important.

Andrew Bogut joins us.