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RECEIPTS! Patent PROVES Vaxx is Obedience Training Platform

The WHOLE WORLD WILL CHANGE if this interview is seen by the masses. This is it. This is the FINAL "Variant". Your life, the life of our children and every generation to come will be forever enslaved if this agenda is carried out! PLEASE SHARE!

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Sally Layton
1 month ago

666 Mark

gemini232003 (@gemini232003)
1 month ago

I saw this coming years ago. If you took an oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemy foreign and domestic then do so. The average citizen needs to join the fight. The people of the world have been asleep too long, and will wake one day in a cage.

RelevantC (@relevantc)
1 month ago

so the app (phone) tracks where u are so why send a pic to confirm ur at home when ur app knows if u are or are not????? when this trial is over u can rest assured the next shot will be the full system and those who got a placebo with not be so lucky the next shot. this is some sick evil twisted sh-t. How is this not the mark of the beast? they will make it so u cannot work buy or sell without it just like in lithuania.

1 month ago
Reply to  RelevantC

Its so easy to understand why you must send a photo. Because perhaps you let your mobile home and you are 500 miles away. You can’t send a photo in this case or not?

Me Gee
1 month ago

Can’t find the patent, can’t find the article regarding Lynne Parker.
Need the sources to confirm the accuracy of this story.

Me Gee
1 month ago
Reply to  Me Gee

Found the patent:
Doesn’t seem to be as drastic as the video made out. Yes, it has the potential for totalitarian control, and could be used as a way to implement the Social Credit system, but by itself it’s just a model to try to prioritise healthcare to the people who need it most. Would I want to be part of that system? Not really, because it is a massive invasion of privacy, and it states that “historical” data will be stored. But it’s not the “smoking gun” it was made out to be.