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SPIKED! Do Vaccines Elicit Toxic, Dangerous Spike Proteins? Compilation Of Experts Speaking Out

There's been a lot of talk about spike proteins in the various COIVD so-called vaccines.

Many experts have been sounding the alarm.

Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Richard Flemin, Dr. Byram Bridle, Del Bigtree, and more...

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1 year ago

… so far … I have not heard any reference to how the spike protein from the virus that is acquired naturally by the unvaccinated will affect those who got the SARS COVID 19 virus (not through the vaccine) … this is very concerning … is this what is showing up as Long Covid? … will it have the same affect as the vaccines in the long run … ?

Bonnie Thompson
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom

Please look up Dr. Ardis on Rumble. Fauci made the COVID response be Remdesivir on CDC web site. This drug damages kidneys immediately. Add a antibiotic like vancomycin, also does kidney damage. Add a sedative plus a ventilator, and there is a good chance a person with co-morbidities will die from this treatment. They may be other “long haulers,” but my guess is most long haulers are fighting the damage of Remdesivir and vancomycin side effects. Also, they are long haulers because neither of those two medicines counter the virus so spike protein is doing it’s damage. Early treatment with ivermectin and zinc stops virus from replicating in human cells. No virus. No spike protein. Dr. Ardis also has a protocol for helping with spike protein. Please find him on rumble. God bless.

1 year ago

Thank you so much for such an informative video.

1 year ago

Fauci and Belial Gates need to DIE by EXECUTION. One way or another THEY WILL.

1 year ago

So, how does this effect unvaxxed people around the vaxx victims, ie shedding…??

1 year ago
Reply to  Shane

The theory is the “variants” are actually spike protein sickness. Since the spike protein is responsible for the symptoms, not the virus itself, the shedding of spike proteins will give a person similar problems. Some of these people being tested with a negative result (crap test aside), then told they just have a unknown virus and go home. Or it must be a variant. My husband and I have been sick 3x with similar symptoms after being around newly vaxxed. Each time our symptoms were worse. Last time I had my oxygen dropping in the low 80s, I already have compromised lungs from a genetic disease. I couldn’t avoid the hospital unfortunately. They blamed it on rona but I didn’t have the classic symptoms and my inflammation markers were insanely high. Higher than what I’ve researched for even rona patients. And we both already had rona last summer and it wasn’t anything more than a cold.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kay

This is one concern, that each subsequent infection may be worse than the previous. Thought due to the antibody-dependent disease enhancement possible due to non-neutralzing antibodies that are made with prior natural infection.. Will need to keep an eye out for this in others, especially since this virus has now become endemic and expected to come back in various forms every year

Bonnie Thompson
1 year ago
Reply to  Shane

I personally worry that this will end up being like HIV. You don’t want blood donated from a vaxed person. You don’t want to have intimate contact with a vaxed person. Lots to still go ignite out about this on the future.

1 year ago

This is an issue no one is talking about receiving blood from a vaccinated individual as the donor. I received blood a few months back and the blood bank will not give me any information. You can take the d-dimer test but what can we do to protect yourself from the vaccinated donor blood? Please respond if you know anything or have any sources thank you