Stew Peters Show

The Medical Tyrants Are Now Targeting Our Children

Stew Peters guest-hosted The Alex Jones show on Infowars and welcomed Dr. Jane Ruby to discuss the medical tyrants now targeting children.

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1 month ago

as long as people continue to treat this situation alsthough it is legal it will continue.
I am sick of repeating myself,but I must continue.
we have the Universal Declaration of Human rights.
We have the Protocols of Nurenbourg .
we have LAW on our side. and most of all we are the majority.
If we continue to do nothing ,it will continue ,look ! this is GÉNOCIDE.GENOCIDE .GENOCIDE.
I wish PEOPLE would wake up .!
they have the Intention to kill the CHILDREN .

PatriotNurse (@patriotnurse)
1 month ago

Stew, Ruby, Owen, your all true patriot’s! plz follow me. Ive been a Nurse 20 yr’s now. I make stop the mandate designs on my eTsy shop, @thenormalworld. I’m fighting the way I can because I can’t wrk now!! Tyranny! Communist BS! Me like other Nurse’s CARE for other’s! like anyone who has lost thier job because of this BULLSHIT! People need help everywhere!!
EVERYONE NEED’S TO SAY NO! Give up yor freedom and it’s GONE! I love you guy’s!

Last edited 1 month ago by PatriotNurse
Lloyd Glenn Barker
1 month ago

I know of at least 10 people in my own town who died right after the jab, including 2 teenagers. I am sure there are many more. People here have had miscarriages after this. Tragic. As for people outside alone wearing the masks, people are driving ALONE in vehicles with windows closed, wearing masks! Absolute insanity. Also, I’ve noticed judgement in driving has gotten even worse than normal. I think people’s brains have been effected.