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Mark Meadows Part II: Trump’s “Vaccine” Sales – Hospitals Organize Child Trafficking and MORE!

ctual health care has become a secondary consideration at America’s clinics and hospitals. Instead, they have become completely obsessed with forcing vaccines into the arms of every American man, woman, and child. But even if the vaccine mania went away tomorrow, America’s hospitals would still be in a terrifying spot. Because the problem with them isn’t vaccines or Covid. The problem is the insane ideology embraced by the people who work there.
Natly Denise joins us.

Edward gives update on Ghislaine Maxwell trial day two as defense uses ridiculous woke argument.
He joins us.

MEADOWS INTERVIEW PART 2: Stew Peters asks Mark Meadows the questions that we need answered; China Ties, ties to the Humpty Dumpty Institute, and the 2020 Biden Coup.
He joins us.

Companies are headquartered in Delaware because the state has very favorable laws for corporations, and because their state court system is favorable to them as well. Delaware keeps it that way by controlling who is allowed to practice law in the state. Brooks Witzke is our producer Lauren’s brother. He recently graduated near the top of his class at Concordia law, but has been kept off the state bar by these powerful forces. Now, he’s filed a lawsuit to force these laws to be overturned, and if successful it won’t just matter for him.
He joins us.

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