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SHOCKING Exclusive: Emotional Mom, “My Child Was Jabbed Behind My Back”

Kerry Murray is a mother who sadly is currently embroiled in a family court dispute. She wrote this message to us. Quote: “The divorcing parents that don’t want shots are considered negligent parents. My children were injected with the bio-weapon behind my back. This isn’t uncommon in family court.” Unquote.

Of course, vaccines are just the tip of the pyramid of evils that go on in family court. Family courts also drive wedges between families. They deploy psychopathic social workers to take children out of homes and get them into foster care. They aggressively push forward insanity like transgenderism, and will take kids away from their parents if they aren’t on board with mutilating their own kids.

Stew Peters welcomed Kerry for an emotional and revealing interview.

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12 days ago

Dad knows her whole life is defined by her life threatening adverse reaction to vaxxxxines. He spitefully gets the kids jabbed with the poison she is certain will kill them. Poisons their minds against mum and her accurate ‘theories’ about the purpose of vaccines. He makes it much harder to still love your kids after they become everything you oppose……pure spite. Pure malice. But good mums and good christians love anyway, and lament the years of life shaved-off their babies lives……..

12 days ago

It’s a slow painful death sentence to women who have their children torn from them under any circumstance, in these days not to let your guard down when choosing a provider for protecting your emotions is the first call. But this injection in ignorance will strike in every family. Purebloods have one duty, to survive, you must not change your DNA and become a variant non human, sterile.

Leah Altmann
12 days ago

bs”d it’s obvious they’re adamant to get children injected because those who have the large amounts of money and power are interested in reducing the population on earth to 500M and it’s been a buzzword, it seems, in the last few years that the ‘green’ philosophy is that children are bad for the environment, so they lack the ability to recognize the intrinsic value of each child as a human being with his/her life ahead of him/her – killing all humans except the few who are running this system and about 500M whom they have chosen that they think should live is the goal but they do not want to express it that way, obviously, because we are still in a time when murder is considered morally bad and it’s still officially illegal, but it seems the global powermongers want that morality forgotten and those laws changed – they are only interested in killing most people and forcing the rest to become enslaved by their quantum computer AI system so they can be used in the way that the powermongers want – sounds like I am paranoid, but I recognize this rationale, I’ve seen it before in my personal life, and I don’t think the powermongers are even aware of their own sordid motives