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The Stew Peters Show | November 23, 2021: Dr. David Martin EXPLOSIVE Revelations

Republicans have exclusively, without ANY Democrats, sponsored a bill that would protect transgenders, making it illegal to disallow sexual monsters from going into any bathroom they wish, forcing Christians to accept tranny culture or be prosecuted, fined and jailed.

EXCLUSIVE: Never-Before-Seen Pfizer LEAKED EMAILS prove a Graphene Oxide Cover-Up by Top-Level Scientists: Pfizer Whistleblower, Melissa McAtee joins Stew with RECEIPTS!

Dr. David Martin LIVE: Exposing the United States criminal conspiracy to commit genocide and introduce a bioweapon, unleash death on the American populous - Dr. Martin empowers American citizens to STOP the coronavirus death cult from continuing to oppress once-free citizens and empower a medical tyranny upon civilization.

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Roy Bauchman
1 year ago

Dr. Jordan Peterson first rocketed to fame with his opposition to the Canadian Federal Government’s plan to mandate PRONOUNS in Canada. Here is a vignette Dr. Peterson posted on YouTube just over 5 years ago, November 20, 2016, on the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal’s power in that province; the technical name really is, “The Ontario Social Justice Tribunal.” This is how far to The Left your neighbor to the North has drifted, and what Biden’s Merry Band of Bolsheviks have planned for Americans…

Last edited 1 year ago by Roy Bauchman
Keith Humphrey
1 year ago

Absolutely nuts…Rachel Levine is an ugly ( literally ) example of this cult …! satan the deceiver is having a field day ‘playing’ with the minds and hearts of mentally ill … emotionally messed up…twisted evil deranged individuals with big chips on their shoulders….🇬🇧🆓✝️

1 year ago

Where’s the link to the AG docs Dr. Martin was referring to?

D. Robert Hames
11 months ago

For all the reasons mentioned ,with 7 laws broken, the American voter is left stranded with no relief; no help forthcoming. Mr. MAGA (Make America Groan Again), Mr. Warp Speed himself, is the ‘numero uno’ sales person and promoter for the mRNA gene modifier vaccines.
The majority of members, of both parties, in both houses of Congress, are all into the ‘get the world vaxed scheme’.
For those who vote for the Jackass or those who vote for the Elephant: you say you vote because your vote matters. No! Both parties have effectively canceled your freedom of choice and freedom of speech. What you say and protest does not matter; in this cruel new world.

⊙”Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results”. [Narcotics Anonymous-year 1981; the earliest strong match known to Quote Investigator for the mistake quote.]