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[VIDEO] COVID Jabs are Premeditated First Degree Murder, says Dr. Zelenko

"This is the worst crime in the history of humanity. There's so much evidence available now proving the fact that this is premeditated first-degree murder and genocide. For example, the FDA had an internal presentation in October of 2020. Keep in mind that's two months before the vaccine rollout. On slide sixteen of their presentation, explained and showed all side effects of these vaccines. Now, if you look at the VAERS database where innocent Americans have reported the adverse events, there's a 100% correlation between what the American public has experienced and what the FDA presented internally to its own scientists. So, whenever there's a 100% correlation, that's right. Whenever there's a 100% correlation between something that was supposedly predicted, obviously, it was known two months at least, at least two months before this was deployed on the American public. That is premeditated. This is my charge, premeditated first-degree murder, and genocide of at least 700,000 Americans." - Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

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Chris Allard
1 year ago

I disagree, Dr. Zelenko, that we “need a great reset”…what we need is a GREAT AWAKENING!!! People need to see that the globalist plan is for Baal worship and evil. Their great reset is for the evil one….

Tom Frank
1 year ago
Reply to  Chris Allard

Obviously you didn’t listen to him explain what he meant. A Great Awakening started happening way back many years ago in 1904-1914, and has been spreading. 90% of Christians are following the false doctrine that the Catholic Church started in 325a.d.