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WATCH: Whistleblower Nurse Reveals Medical Tracking Code To Be Used To Hunt Anti-Vaxxers

A viral video has surfaced of a whistleblower nurse who is sounding the alarms.  The nurse received an email from an insurance company regarding a new medical tracking code that will be assigned to individuals who have refused to get the Covid-19 vaccine for an unspecified reason. Medical tracking codes are used by doctors and healthcare providers to diagnose patients with various conditions. Apparently, choosing not to get the vaccine is now considered a medically diagnosable condition.

"'[ICD 10 Code:] Z28.20, immunization not carried out because of the patient's decision for an unspecified reason. This new code will allow us to follow vaccine counseling visits & take more steps to vaccinate." - Excerpt from an email from the insurance company

"For those of you who don't know, an ICD 10 code is your diagnoses code – it flags your insurance, it flags anytime anybody goes looking through codes, CMS, Medicare. They type in a code, and anybody who's been diagnosed with that code comes up on a list." - statement from the nurse

The nurse warns that by assigning a code like this to individuals, it can label them, confining them into camps.

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2 months ago

Peters has done a lot of great work. But I can’t support ANYONE that refers to BS19 as being “real”. it’s NEVER been isolated and was concocted on a computer and does NOT exist in real life, or that makes excuses for the guy that brags he’s “The Father of the vaccine” when Trump is owned by the Rothschild family who saved him and his brand by bailing him out of a $3.4 Billion Bankruptcy.

Last edited 2 months ago by Truthertz
2 months ago
Reply to  Truthertz

Peter’s does not blindly support Trump so your entire premise is nothing to worry about. He shares your same concern about Trumo pushing death vaccines. I do as well.

Frieda Lowery
2 months ago
Reply to  Ron

I believe that Trump based his decision on what the corrupt midget told him. Think of it this way. If you were the boss of a company and you had an account, you trust that person do give the government the correct information. If that employee is stealing money but telling you something different you would never have a reason to check anything that he tells you because you hired him to do the right thing. TRUMP WAS IN A NO WIN SITUATION, if he would have gone again the vaccine, they would have tried to impeach him for the 3rd time AND BLAMED HIM FOR ALL OF THE DEATHS, So he said it is your choice.

2 months ago
Reply to  Frieda Lowery

Trump is definitely one of them. He may be ignorant of some of the things but he works for the same people. You don’t become president unless you are under them. All our got officials up high are owned and told what to do and say etc

2 months ago
Reply to  Frieda Lowery

YOU GOT IT RIGHT Frieda …and there is much more to that than of course can be said in a comment online. You have to dig soooo deep and go so far bback and forward and present with intensive research..People are literally giving up their lives and risking what we won’t restore our freedom and our dignity and our choices. he was made to choose from which was people won’t have a choice if u dont’ support these ..we will and will make them mandatory….so as much as his power even is and was limited …that was the option he had to choose and go with or we would not even be having that choice now…(and of course he and otherw are still fighting for that to this day) and ther e is more to THAT STORY TOO… (what the shots were supposed to be vs what they ended up being) For too long this charade of lies and hidden agendas were used to control us in every area of our lives. it will be a bit of time before we can handle how much and exactly what the truth is. do people will filli in with asssumptions what they do not know but are made to believe. …But the task at hand that Trump and those are engaged in whether as president or any other way…is going to be accomplished and it won’t be that one thing said or done will have done it but everything already done from birth to the future yet to come and what we all need most to do is keep our focus on and ask for a clear view to the clean up of corruption and the power of the truth to prevail…and however that happens you will be in the know about your own part..and that is what will concern you the most…WHAT CAN YOU do…and DO it…Instead of thinking u r going to know and point out someone else’s efforts and what they were based on and their choices and knowledge behind them is..there is too much that general populace now don’t know and can’t know …for it to be accomplished. And it can’t be learned online and news so must take our own stand for oursleves more seriously now as more people are .. and do our own part.instead of engaging in blame and finger pointing that is just another set upand another way they can continue to deceive and control the masses as they have for eons. Cleaning up our own lives and our own agendas and showing mutual respect and consideration starting with our own relationships and communities will support and take this long overdue reveal and exposure and change to it’s completion.then we will see in the present….who is doing that and who isn’t and support who IS…WHEN WE ARE doing our own part. and not succumbing to the pressure to say yes to what we really want to say NO TO…THEN we know what the bigger challenges are to those who are leading the way and fighting (not with violence but with truth) for the freedoms for all. and what we didn’t know about that, we will and we will see how many times we just saw what would support our own beliefs, allow us to keep our lifestyle and relationships and careers and social acceptablity and reputations etc so we could not see what it took from others to give that up for the cause and the change . until we could make those choices ourselves..

Joanie Lynn Elmore
2 months ago

Please read! This may set a precedence! Read all of it!

Sirvando Vargas
2 months ago

Is it KEWARS Code to track Anti-Vaxxers?

1 month ago

Do you know HOW to fix that? STOP RUNNING to CONVENTIONAL doctors, clinics and medical facilities. Use ALTERNATIVES…get smart…instead of being SHEEP.