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Dr. Peter McCullough, Australian Aboriginals, Supreme Court Abortion, Dr. Ruby and MORE!

One by one, elite athletes at the peak of physical condition are collapsing on the field. Some are literally dropping dead. Do all of these have something to do with Covid vaccines? Of course not; there are rare heart conditions out there and young athletes were dying of them before Covid came along. But there is clearly a real wave of this going around, and people are noticing. The Powers that Be say it’s all a coincidence, but these are the same people who tried to ban even suggesting that Covid came from a lab. Dr. Peter McCollough joins us.

In the world’s most tyrannical country, Australia, no group is safe from the Jab. The Australian military is now performing full on Covid Jab mandates against Aborigines wills.
David Cole joins us.

Doctors in the US have been outright murdering their patients whether they know it or not with unnatural, mass-produced medicines that do little to nothing for their patients. This goes on all the time while Big Pharma gets billions in profits.
Dr. Peter Glidden joins us.

A generational genocide has been allowed to take place in America since 1973, and today the U.S. Supreme Court has begun deliberations on reversing the sin of abortion. Stew Peters Show investigative journalist Edward Szall shares a report on the historic moment for protecting the unborn.
Edward Szall investigates.

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