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7 months ago

At this point, I know two VACCINATED people who are exhibiting “coincidental” symptoms. One is an old friend who was vaccinated over the summer, and he was diagnosed with lymphoma in October. The other is the property manager where I live. He was vaccinated in March. Now, one of his legs is swollen, probably because of damage to his veins (that’s my guess). Of course, these are “coincidental,” but too many people are experiencing incidents that are being labeled coincidental. Of course, it’s too early to say what will happen to these people after three years. The friend with lymphoma — that’s not a good sign. The one with the swollen leg, will it get worse? (He’s committed to getting the bOOster.) For those who have no symptoms, currently, they may have ADE problems in the future. It’s a reasonable guess to say that bad things are on the distant horizon for those who fell for Joe Biden’s TRUMPCINE mandate.