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Dr. Zelenko On Exposing The Satanic Depopulation Agenda!!!

Z-Stack Protocol, From Vladimir Zelenko MD

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Get Dr. Vladimir 'Zev' Zelenko M.D.'s Z-Stack Protocol, use code RVM for discount:

Dr. Zelenko is famously known for saving thousands of lives, including 99.9% of his HIGH-RISK Covid patients.

A Nobel Prize nominee, Dr. Zelenko believes in early treatment protocol, and that’s how he saved lives.

Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated this product to treat or prevent COVID-19.

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1 year ago

We somehow need to open a fund to support the people. Somehow we need to get the people invvex and to take fauci. Despite. Fda. Cdc. Et. Etc. To court.. WE THE people have the power to end this. SOMETHING WE MUST DO RIGHT NOW. SEEMS PEOPLE WAITING G ON TRUMP. . PSSSST not gonna happen. psssst. Been 2 years of MANY MANY MANY MANY OF not happenings. HINT.. the great reset has been planned and in works for many years. Do you honestly think they would leave anyone in office that may go against this shit. ANSWER IS NO. We’re o. Our ow . Let’s get it done.

1 year ago

This guy is truly awesome need more like him standing up for “righteousness and truth”

1 year ago

Proud to be a Non-GMI person.

Non-Genetic Modification Injected.

Ken Ruffin
1 year ago

Moron gentiles… You never get tired of being conned.