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US Medical Establishment Dead: Doctors Have Killed Many Patients That Could Have Lived

Doctors in the US have been outright murdering their patients whether they know it or not with unnatural, mass-produced medicines that do little to nothing for their patients. This goes on all the time while Big Pharma gets billions in profits.
Dr. Peter Glidden joins us.

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Tina Williams
8 months ago

Thank you, Stew for bringing Dr Glidden onto your show. Dr Glidden is the very best!! I have learned so much from Dr G. Everyone needs to check him out

Vinny C
8 months ago

Dr Glidden is the best. Such a smart doc- more people need to know about him.

8 months ago

Dr. Glidden is one of the best. Never tire of listening to his advice, knowledge and expertise. Find him and learn cause ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’.

8 months ago

Speaking from personal experience, the current allopathic medical/pharma system is broken. The W.H.O.’s ranking of all countries has the US Health Care system at an embarrassing number 37. Qualified naturopaths, homeopaths, herbologists, and nutritionists help people find health without masking symptoms. A good Naturopath will determine the root cause of an illness and then support the body as it heals. After a double bypass, my Dad was given 14 prescription drugs that made him unable to keep food down. He continued to lose weight and suffer, and his MDs offered no help. I took him to a local herbalist who had been trained at Johns Hopkins. Over a months’ time, the herbalist had my Dad off 13 of the 14 drugs and doing great. In my Mom’s case, her labwork was perfect, but she died three weeks later with systemic metastastic cancer throughout her body. Something is seriously wrong with the US medical system. I appreciate hearing a Naturopath’s perspective on Stew’s program and I hope to hear more from Dr. Glidden. Wish I’d known Dr. Glidden when my parents were still alive.

Mark C
8 months ago

Thanks for having Dr. Glidden on the show. It is virtually impossible to get a different, free-thought point of view into the media stream these days, and most certainly not on the big networks. Interruption and cut short would halt it. You must remember, the rise of the Nazi regime was created by Big Pharma and to the extremes that they intended, but it was ended by many brave soldiers. Same group, same end intention, but different tools to corral us into their total control systems. How better to take the whole world than to cut off the leading opposition to their prior two attempts, the U.S.A.. Spread the link to all of your people.

Niki Germanis
8 months ago

It is about to stop this monopoly of main stream medicine to control our health. Thank you Dr. Glidden for your lifelong contribution to Naturopathic Medicine. Hope to start seeing changes in the near future. We need more naturopathic doctors raise up.

8 months ago

I’m such a Dr. Glidden fan!
I appreciate both Stew Peters and Dr. Glidden’s no-nonsense approach to important health matters. I have followed Dr. Glidden’s health information and advice for years! I’ve learned a ton about nutrition, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and COVID protocol. I’m including links for his website, supplements, and books just to make life easier. Happy healing!

Dr. Glidden’s website:

Love the supplements he recommends:

And his books:

Attempt A Cure With Wholistic Medicine:Dr. Glidden’s Naturopathic Treatment Notebook For The Enlightened

Everybody Is Sick, And I Know Why: An eye-opening exposé regarding the abject failures of MD-directed medicine; and a testimony regarding the … of applied Naturopathic medical therapeutics.

7 months ago

Dr Glidden is my go to Expert when it comes to Holistic health and healing! Great to see him as always!

7 months ago

Dr. Glidden is a God send to those of us looking for an alternitve to our corrupt medical system. I listen to both Dr. Glidden and Stew as often as I can thank you to you both!