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Dr. Peter McCullough On Why Jabs, Lockdowns, Masks & Social Distancing Don’t Solve Anything

We never vaccinate an entire population... Vaccination does not stop transmission... Omicron... 21000 died VAERS data... BBC, CNN, YouTube, etc., is suppressing information... The way out is to stop testing... masks don’t work... Effective Home Treatments.

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1 year ago

Shining the light of truth on haughty, ignorant & evil “medicine” [*A/ the, “leading cause of Death”] isn’t easy, Doctor Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis learned that, he was thrown in, and died in a nut house, for challenging the mass murdering “medicine”, in the 1850’s! * So now our, “Nothing new under the sun” * Leading cause of Death medicine NOW killing between 250,000 to 750,000 each & every year [not counting coved]! According to the [low-ball] Johns Hopkin’s iatrogenic study, or the well documented book by Dr. Gary Null, “Death by medicine.” [free on line] All this DEATH, is to help demonstrate, {Romans 6:23} “Death is the wages of sin but the gift of God is everlasting LIFE through Jesus Christ our Lord.” I.E. Sin brings temporal & eternal Death, God brings Life! Sadly a tough choice for most!

1 year ago

How can you be infected by a virus, and its supposed variants, that has never been proved to excist and then invent a “vaccine”????

Harley Davidson Borgais
1 year ago
Reply to  Konrad

There is plenty of proof they created this Covid-19 including patents going back to 1999.

Harley Davidson Borgais
1 year ago

FYI everyone I have put together “fundamental principles” of “the common law” which ARE “the supreme Law of the Land” here in the USA and which my police tell me make “over 90% of what we do” clearly not “Constitutional” and therefore an actual “crime” to “make or enforce” called “deprivation of rights under color of law” and a civil liability even to “neglect to prevent” once one “reasonably should know”, which is why I carry these “LawDocs” in my pocket to SHOW police and courts, and you can WATCH ME MAKE POLICE STOP ENFORCING HARMLESS CIVIL AND CRIMINAL “OFFENSES”, by explaining exactly how I will prosecute them if they continue these “deprivations of rights under color of law” or “neglect to prevent” them, and they actually THANK me and stop enforcing these “colorable laws” and dismiss my court cases!!!

So now I am putting together instructions to sue our hired Public Servants for everything they do “to the Contrary” of these “fundamental principles” of “Law” along with these “LawDocs” and videos of me with police, ALL FREE on my websites: (Working on this page right now btw)

I have made my local police and sheriffs agree to stop enforcing a lot of harmless “offenses” and not enforce these recent “mandates” either, got many court cases dismissed and a released from jail on ‘OR’ (they cant make me pay bail or fines or hold me in jail now!), I have proof we dont need a “drivers license” (except CDLs) and lots more!

If I could get more people to help spread this information (and maybe raise funds enough so I can hire people to help) and start PROSECUTING our hired Servants for everything they do to the contrary of our Constitution and “Laws made in Pursuance thereof”, JUST IMAGINE IT, OUR “GOVERNMENT” COULD NO LONGER “PUNISH” ANY ONE JUST FOR DISOBEYING OUR HIRED SERVANTS!!!

We CAN make MOST “Laws” and “Taxes” and “Licenses” no longer enforceable by clearly showing how and why they are “to the Contrary” of these “fundamental principles” of “the common law” which IS “the supreme Law of the Land” here in the USA, SO LETS SPREAD THIS KNOWLEDGE AND MAKE THIS REALITY!!!

The clear reason for all of this is this “ruthless and monolithic [global] conspiracy which relies primarily on covert means to expand its sphere of influence” including the “military industrial complex” which past US Presidents have warned us of (like JFK and Eisenhower), including the major owners of big Pharma and Mainstream Media and Energy industry and education and so on (seven major intl industries I figure), which is the root cause of most of the corruption of “Government”, BECAUSE WE ALLOW OUR ENEMIES TO “GOVERN” OUR HIRED “PUBLIC SERVANTS”, BECAUSE TOO FEW PEOPLE COMPREHEND THESE “FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES” OF “LAW” AND THEREFORE RELY UPON “LAWYERS” TO TELL US WHAT IS “CONSTITUTIONAL” THUS “LAWFUL”, WHICH ALLOWS OUR ENEMIES TO MAKE OUR “GOVERNMENT” VIOLATE ITS PURPOSE, WHICH IS ONLY TO PROTECT EQUAL HUMAN LIBERTY TO PURSUE HAPPINESS ABOVE ALL!
(As stated in Magna Carta and Declaration of Independence and US Constitution and US Supreme Court “Precedents”, aka “fundamental principles” of “the common law”)

And the “mass loss of human life” is clearly one of the GOALS of these “secret societies”, which apparently DO actually worship Satan, drink blood, and sacrifice babies even (I HAVE Seen so much evidence for all this now it DISGUSTS me! And I HAVE been saving it for future prosecutions too! Coming Soon!)

Harley Davidson Borgais
1 year ago

The way I cant pause or change volume or see how long this video is, makes me not ever want to come back to this website to watch any video ever again. I HIGHLY suggest you change that immediately! Now I want to find another source for this video to share it, because I can use this as evidence to show the people giving these injections and promoting this fear mongering/domestic terrorism and crimes against Humanity like the recent “mandates” and so on, how THEY will possibly face LIFE in prison or death by lethal injection for the crimes they are committing against all of Humanity right now, whether by “intent or inexcusable neglect”!