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Dr. Jane Ruby Show (Premium Plus)

Proof The FDA Is A Criminal Enterprise And MUST Be Dismantled

In order to understand how Fauci weaponized the FDA to commit his crimes, Dr. Jane Ruby walks you through the legal pathway to test drugs. Then, Dr. Ruby explains how Fauci covered up the completely failed Remdesivir studies from the past and manipulated current studies to keep this poisonous money maker flowing.

Finally, Dr. Jane reveals how Fauci was fully aware of the failures of Remdesivir and what it causes in its patients- acute kidney failure and septic shock. Fauci knew from the get-go that this would be poison, however with hospitals making 3000 dollars per vial and his big-pharma buddies taking a cut, he could not hold back. All of this and more, on the Dr. Jane Ruby show. WITH Promo Code: RUBY