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Scott Quiner Update: Criminal Investigation Into Doctors, How They’re KILLING, Payoffs for MURDER!

Last week, the doctors at Mercy called Anne and tried to browbeat her into letting Scott be taken off a ventilator to die. hey were going to unplug Scott Quiner from life at high noon on Thursday, and that was that. Anne’s only shot was to take things to court: The court of law, and the court of public opinion. After we had Anne on to tell her story, Mercy Hospital was barraged with what we’re told was thousands of phone calls and emails. Thomas Renz is an attorney. You’ve heard him on this show before. He’s been filing legal challenges all over the country against coronavirus tyranny and he joins us today.

Rita Kroon heard our segment about Scott and reached out to us recently. She had this to say. “My husband was a patient at Mercy Hospital from November 26 through December 9, 2021. We had both tested positive [for] SARS-Cov-2 and Covid-19 was detected. Burt was not vaccinated and received negligent care at best. He lost 15 pounds in 10 days because the hospital staff withheld all fluids. I was not allowed to see him except one time, because of one compassionate nurse who on December 4 told me “I am going to bend the rules. Do you want to see your husband?”". He died in the Hospital's care.

So we’ve seen this pattern play out, over and over and over again. Patients head to the hospital with a Covid case, their condition rapidly declines, they’re put on a ventilator, and they die. Why does this keep happening? One possible reason is this drug they keep giving them, Remdesivir. More than a year ago, even the World Health Organization said that Remdesivir shouldn’t be used, in ANY Covid cases, because here’s no evidence that it’s helpful and a lot of evidence that it causes deadly kidney failure, among other things. But hospitals keep using it, even while they move heaven and earth to keep patients from using ivermectin, which at a minimum is completely harmless even if it doesn’t work, and there’s quite a bit of evidence that its does work. But it’s not just Remdesivir that is causing patients to die. Dr. Brian Ardis joins us to talk about what’s causing patients to die so frequently in our pro-death hospitals.

Dr. Lee Vliet joins Stew Peters to blast open and expose the corrupt federal operation to kill off Covid-19 patients by paying off doctors and hospitals with financial incentive. Dr. Lee Vliet joins us.

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Shawn Tacey
3 months ago

I suffered and survived this exact event in Tucson AZ. My wife recorded a number of in person meetings about my care that will shock you, and what doctors said to me and how they treated me was horrific. I was never suppose to live because I was unvaccinated. I can tell your audience exactly what happens to you when you go to the hospital for covid. I was on a vent for 7 weeks and lost 70lbs. Please let me make use of my pain by helping others.

3 months ago

this is the same as my story , plus my notes and conversations with my husband he was in VA hospital 15 days and was set to come home AND then vented and I was told by 2 Dr.s I could not come visit if I didn’t sign DNR I refused one nurse let us in I’m searching for the truth in his medical records and make a change . if anyone can help me bring light and change these deaths I would it be greatly appreciated , in Memory of my Husband Navy Seal Frogman Jeff ( Coach ) Jones 1958 – 11-11-2021