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Boston’s Mayor Instantly Regrets Asking For Feedback On Her Live Video, Panic Setting In?

This live video gave us hope... just read the comments and watch her facial expressions and body language...

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david skakun
9 months ago

From Canada, Where do you guys get these red CHINESE FROM!!!

Paul Hindenberg
9 months ago
Reply to  david skakun

Joe Biden is really a Chinese Candidate who took over the other Joe Biden’s role under Obaaaama, just like in the two movies. Only difference is this one passes gas all the time, that was built into this one to tell the difference.
No really, who knows how they snuck into the country. Just like Trudeau resembles Castro if he had a beard and was heavier.

9 months ago
Reply to  david skakun

They were recruited while the 5-yrs of Trump hate speech from Democrats was raging in the US, a diversion. The under 40’s were/have been completely gaslighted and a big part of them are among the classic Mass Formation Psychosis group. There is a small slice of younger people who support freedom because they actually understand what it means not to be free. Good parents! The rest haven’t a clue. Focusing everyone’s attention on how Trump was executing his position of POTUS gave the global totalitarians time to infiltrate our government with their front line fascists, like Miss Boston here. CCP personnel were being planted long before that inside globalist corporations to support a technocracy which they intended to and have install worldwide.

Like CN, the US voters had no idea until it was too late. If you remember, everyone told CN not to elect Trudeau when he began campaigning. We knew he was a totalitarian. It’s now know openly that he is a Klaus Schwab WEF totalitarian, a group that has become a serious worldwide problem through elections and appointments. It happened anyway. Left hand; right hand. Watch this one CN not that one!

If you notice, this fascist Mayor responds to pleas from a free People to have an open conversation, to listen to reason, to even respond to the removal of mandates exactly as Trudeau did this week in the news. Platitudes, continuous lies, ignoring the People’s demands. Why? In their totalitarian minds we do not matter; they own our power. These sickos have no ears for suffering only for their own agenda. She is just one of them who must be irradicated. But, that’s not my job. I don’t live in a ‘stupid state’ where people knuckled-under. I live in a FREE state with a supportive government for the People that is fighting the Biden puppet openly.

Trudeau’s actions mirror the English king who was drawn and quartered. Unfortunately, I can’t locate that name (thought it was King John) because Google is engaged in scrubbing any/all sites that do not follow the Narrative’s idea of themselves. And we all know that Wikipedia has become a revisionist history site so it’s just bullshit, nothing truthful. Wikipedia changes with the demands of its technocratic owners who have only one thing in mind–hide all the truth that does not agree with the totalitarian political position. Trudeau will likely have to be forced out. Too bad you can’t draw and quarter him as the British did in those days, huh?

We are all in the same boat here–Free People who must eradicate the CCP threat (serious) and Klaus’ boy/girls who support it because it helps them contain the public. Hence, this horrid woman and so many women like her have been brought to power under the guise of lies.


david skakun
9 months ago


Roy Harper
9 months ago

You may find this interesting. A reverse speech analysis that Michelle Wu’s video. Worth a peek:

Roy Harper
9 months ago

You may find this interesting. This video of Michelle Wu, analyzed for reverse speech.

9 months ago

Good question. And why did Londoners elect a muslim to destroy their lovely city? But they did.