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Canadian Digital ID, Social Credit System Rollout, Total Surveillance State Incoming [VIDEO]

"Canada's banks are perfectly situated to help lead the creation of a federated digital ID system between government and the private sector.

The World Economic Forum agrees..."

Canadian Bankers Association 2016 white paper:

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1 year ago

What a load of totalitarian crap. Read between the lines people. It’s a Chinese digital control system for social credit behavior run by the ‘banksters’ who are the tip of the spear in the current and persistent worldwide criminal cartel. Why? So, YOU do EXACTLY as the totalitarians in charge, at this moment, under the command of the WEF and Schwab want for their future of control. The ultimate power.

Bottom line: YOU WILL BE A SLAVE.

Make no mistake, in countries where governments have forced everyone into a single system of control (many examples), such as this digital control system, means that every so often they must REMIND the slaves of their control and superiority. How? By taking away privileges, as there will be NO MORE RIGHTS, in order to constantly condition the public to act as they desire–whatever that is at the time.

So, one day Schwab wakes up in his silk PJs and is pissed-off about something. Maybe he had a bad dream. Maybe someone on his sick fascist team doesn’t agree with him on Mondays; who knows? What happens then? The totalitarian system requires an enemy and all have been consumed under their digital system. His action? Take his frustration or that of his toadies to the public–starving certain groups so they eat what he wants them to eat or not at all, murdering others who he considers genetically inferior (eugenicist) then blaming it on someone else, starting a war where doing so would benefit his sick vision of our world, changing Earth’s weather patterns in control of various areas of the globe to win that unknown but constantly sought gold ring that he believes he must have. Again, bottom line is that there is no cure for constant LUST. The word pedophile is synonymous with the word ‘recidivism’, ask any law professional. Why do you think the predator class traffics children? Lust encompasses every aspect of their lives.

Remember, these people are connected by either genetics and/or ideology. They in-fight constantly like horrid relatives and bad parents of abused and frighten children. Their rage and pernicious actions are, frankly, unlimited because of their lust. Take a note from Trudeau. If his mouth is moving, he is lying, over and over and over and over…infinitum. He will never stop, nor will his general–Freeland the enforcer.

If you cannot see this, you should put a gun to your head right now because if you sign on for this psychological operation the CN banksters advertise here as a ‘SAFETY’ move (gag me!) your future is gone. You’ll never be allowed to make another choice for yourself, ever again.

Worse? You’ll live in fear for the rest of your life. This fear-future is Trudeau’s vision of the world–fear, angst, lies, power unlimited for him. None for you. It’s a trap. You will become a SLAVE.

“A life lived in fear is a life half-lived” cause it’s no fun. (old Portuguese truth).

Mj boux
1 year ago
Reply to  elle

We need to unite the clans..NOW n do the dirty work asap rid the earth of the scum

1 year ago

These people are insane.

1 year ago

“The World Economic Forum agrees…” Of course they do, They planted their parasites into Trudeau’s cabinet, and Trudeau is a disciple of Klaus Schwab.

Suzan Deeder
1 year ago

Putin I am so glad you’re doing what you’re doing and showing the world the connection between the US, the elite and others including Trudeau the connection they have to the biolabs and child trafficking along with money loitering that goes on in Ukraine. And of course you know what you can do with the digital ID