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Canadian Police Officer Has An Urgent Message For Fellow Officers, It’s Time… [VIDEO]

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1 year ago

love this man! doing the dirty work of the politicians as their goons. Perfect analogy. Until we all stick together, they will cause citizens to be against each other. Then, these tyrants don’t stand a chance. These are peaceful protests against tyranny, don’t let media or communist like politicians convince you different. They are the problem! They will fold like a scarf if we all stick together. Tell the politicians to come out and stop the protests himself and see how they squirm in cowardice. They are powerless without opposition from the people themselves. Don’t be their pawn for criminal actions against each other. Anyone telling you otherwise is criminal like the tyrants today.Stand together or we all fall.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ralph

Very well put=DOING THE DIRTY WORK OF THE POLITICIANS! Hang in there brother.

used up
1 year ago
Reply to  Ralph

Sorry, but I highly doubt there’s any credibility to this guy’s melodrama. Effective lying is part of official police training. I kid you not.
Furthermore, do you really believe that sympathy spiels wasn’t an inevitable tactic that police would eventually employ if the tides began to shift in unfavorable ways? Really?!?
If indeed it turns out that I’m mistaken, then I genuinely apologize to the gentelman and thank him for trying to do the right thing, (albeit far too late) but the sun still rose in the east at my place this morning, so…..

1 year ago

This guy has more balls than all those “cops” in Ottawa.

al someone
1 year ago

Awesome. Thank you sir!

Dennis Edward Stepien
1 year ago

THIS, is what makes a MAN a MAN! Trudeau, is far from being one. Coward he is. Stand STRONG Canada** Most here in the US are WITH you!*****

1 year ago

Beautiful man! God bless you. YES! Get on the right side of history, we have plenty of room❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ken Green
1 year ago

I’m an American. But as a boy I wanted most to be a RCMP. Dudley Doright. I was told I could but would have to renounce my US citizenship. It’s just so shameful. Without the armed force evil can do nothing. It should be kept from doing so. Thank you for your stance; certainly it’s the right one.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ken Green

Evil was allowed to creep in because we have had it so good for so long, we became complacent. Our government should be more respectful of the peoples wishes. But, the people didn’t put him there. Claus Schwab did and this treasonous bastard of a Prime Minister doesn’t have the brain or the courage to step down when 90% of the country says “leave”. Many in the Ottawa Police Force have quit their jobs. If we all stand together and be willing to make sacrifices we can overcome.

1 year ago

Anyone who goes along with what is being done needs to understand, if it’s not stopped, they like us will have to live in this nightmare, till the day they die.

Jane Hill
1 year ago

Thank U officer.
I agree w/ U
Do the Right thing.
what your heart tells U to do. U will always win by following Your heart..

1 year ago

Thankyou Nick! Very good to see you on the Front Page!

1 year ago

I believe that TO SERVE AND PROTECT is part of the oath Police Officers take. I don’t recall any oath that includes being the goons for dictators or other politicians.

Thank you Sir for the job you have been doing and for taking what you promised to do with integrity.

Hopefully other officers will chòose to be on the right side of history.

solange Silverman
1 year ago

Yep, it’s time that LEO stop doing things that offend their soul.

Duke Nukem
1 year ago

Well said! The world needs more officers like this guy.

1 year ago

Thank you, sir. It seems like law enforcement and doctors have forgotten any oath they took to help and save the people. I just hope when justice comes, they’re first in line to receive the judgment that’s coming for the traitors and the evil government officials they follow.

1 year ago

Good for you. Your video will rock Canada and the USA like it should. This should go viral and hopefully your fellow mates will hear you.

John H. Briggs, Sr.
1 year ago

Trudeau is one of the leaders towards one-world order. He will do anything to achieve his goal. evil. Canada, unite against him!

1 year ago

The police, the Armed Forces, these are now reduced to nothing more than “thugs.” How anyone in uniform, today, could follow orders from politicians is unfathomable. This officer is spot on with his analysis and conclusion. Law enforcement and the Armed Forces must side with the people and not the politicians. It is the people who pay for their services and it from the people from which their ranks spring. The Political Class evolved and now wants to co-op (steal) the enforcers of the People to subjugate the People. Stand strong. Stand together. Let us go after the real perps in these crimes.

1 year ago

This is a spot on commentary by a law enforcement individual. This needs to be echoed throughout.

1 year ago

Love this man! Who else will speak out?

1 year ago

I would love it if all the vets and truckers and cops got together in front of the CBC building and full out call them LIARS and FAKE NEWS and the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!

1 year ago

Whatever. If they want to submit to the truckers I go back to sleep. I would much prefer their submission be far more humiliating and to the many new psychopaths getting ready to have fun.

But the peaceful people are so nice. It’ll make great justification for the response darker men want.

1 year ago

audio too faint

Daryl Hunter
1 year ago

Thank you sir

1 year ago

The Covid Mandates have been lifted effective February 3, 2022. IF a Trucker is still in Ottawa blocking the streets, it ‘s no use now.
This Martial Law, is Peaceful Law. It is to allow the Military and Allied Forces to do lawful arrests quickly.
The Politicians, Bureaucrats and their minions who highjacked the Truckers Convoy are attached to, “G. Soros”. They are using the Truckers for Political stunts as they want to continue the old system of tyranny and oppression